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Mar 23

Boohoo! I Didn’t Get the Job!

By Darrell Gurney | Blog

Just got an email from the producer of the Kendra show:

—–Original Message—–
From: G R
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10:45 AM
To: Darrell W. Gurney
Subject: Thank you

Hi Darrell!

Thank you so much for participating in our show.  I hope you had fun doing it.  Unfortunately Kendra did not choose you for the final date with her mom.  But she did enjoy your company 🙂

Thanks again,

Oh well, all is fair in love and interviewing, right?

Folks, there are SO MANY parallels between dating and job search it’s ridiculous!  The moral of the story here: stick your neck out, get “on the court” (even if it’s outside your comfort zone), and just focus on meeting people.  The requirements for the jobs will always be there, but it’s those personal connections where you will either “click” or “flick” to the next possibility.  Just stay in the game and be making connections!  You never know where they will lead.

Who knows: I might get round 2 with “mom” or, perhaps, this will prepare me in some way for my own reality show I want to get on the air soon!

Mar 16

The Interview Approaches…and I’m Out of My Element!

By Darrell Gurney | Blog

I found out that I’d be interviewing for the “job” for a date with Kendra’s mom on a basketball court–and I’ve always stunk at basketball! I had put in my vote with the producer for ideally the beach shot and, secondly, the barbecue shot…but got hoops!

Called a friend who put me in a right frame of mind: it’s who I’m BEING a lot more than what I’m doing. This relates so well to the real world of job interviews.

Though the basic skills for a job are necessary, it’s that “chemistry” thing that carries so much of the weight. Moral of the story: be in your most amenable and confident disposition for interviews, even if not in your element or ideal “environment.” As the old saying goes: People will forget what you say, and they’ll forget what you do…but they’ll never forget how you make them FEEL.

Mar 12

First Step of Interview Preparation: RESEARCH!

By Darrell Gurney | Blog

So, call me checked out, but prior to a few days ago, I had no idea who Kendra was! I actually don’t watch much TV other than PBS or CNN and had not heard of the series “The Girls Next Door” with Hugh Hefner and his three live-in girlfriends…of which Kendra was one.

So, step one in preparing for any interview is information gathering–and good to start with folks around you.

I started asking my friends if they knew of someone named “Kendra” and found out that many did. They told me to be careful because she pulls no punches and holds nothing back (my kind of gal!).

I was basically just planning to go into the interview with only my authenticity and boyish charm…but those I spoke with gave me enough to realize that I needed to sit down and really study my potential “employer”–so I spent three hours on the internet tonight doing just that! I also found out that the three interviewees will meet Kendra on either 1) the beach, 2) around a barbecue pit, or 3) on a basketball court.  My elements are great at the beach and I stunk at basketball…so I’m putting in for the beach shot!

Job search related points for today: RESEARCH…and know your interview environments beforehand. For example, can you get the full name of your interviewers BEFORE you go in? It’s amazing how much you can find out about someone online prior to meeting them…virtually anybody!

Mar 10

Shooting Hoops with Kendra: My Interview on the Court

By Darrell Gurney | Blog

Kendra and Darrell Gurney (CareerGuy)I showed up a little early for my day in/on court.  Good thing, because the crew was running late getting in from the beach interview (the one I wanted!) in Malibu.  So, I had some time to practice my shots.

Having not shot a basket in at least 10 years, I ended up sinking the first 3 from the free-throw line–nothing but net!  Goes to show how naturally we can do something when our mind doesn’t get too involved……

because my shots were crummy from that point forward!  (The point: don’t overthink!)

They showed up, I did my “interview”–which you will see on TV–and was my charming self.  I don’t think I’ll get picked though because this is a football family.  Her mom was a cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles and Kendra herself is married to an Indianapolis Colts wide receiver, Hank Baskett.  I told her I follow my alma mater, but don’t put a lot of time into football other than that.

We’ll see…but the moral of the story: be yourself and tell the truth because you don’t want a situation (be it job or date) where you’re in two separate worlds.

Lots of fun though, and Kendra is a 24-year-old powerhouse for sure!  She’s accomplished a lot at a very young age…and obviously cares for her mom.

Mar 09

Reality Show Creates an Opportunity?

By Darrell Gurney | Blog

I will have an opportunity to meet Kendra, the star of the E! Entertainment show “Kendra.” It was not meant to be career related…but if you know me, my job is to see the career relatedness in anything! It’s actually an “interview” for a date with her mom!

Turns out, with all of her success, she’s now wanting to find love for her mom–who raised her and her brother single handedly since Kendra was 6. She asked a good friend of mine and matchmaker, Julie Ferman (, to set her up with “a few good men” to interview to find someone to meet her mom. CareerGuy is going to be interviewed!

I’ll see what analogies regarding the real world of getting a job I can pull out of this. In my workshops and teaching events, I always use the area of relationships to teach job search principles…because the areas are so similar in dynamics. Let’s see what I find in THIS situation!

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