What would it mean to you to be fully stable in your career life, whether you work for yourself or someone else?

Create career stability using the same secrets taught directly to Harvard students and executive professionals for only $9.97!

What can you count on to keep your career expanding through good times and bad?

Your stability starts by knowing what the smartest people already know:  The Power of Relationship Equity.

For 30 years as a Career Coach and Executive Advisor, I’ve taught a method which has been utilized by professionals and entrepreneurs in any field to ensure their first-responder status with the best career opportunities existing in the “hidden” market, in both good times and bad.

For example, consider that the stock market has recently achieved enormous growth, and some forecasts say more economic growth is coming.

Yet, other experts say we’re in yet another bubble that could pop at a moments notice by any of multiple world events.

I led a webinar for 256 Harvard Business School Alumni about creating career stability in any economy, whether as an employed professional or entrepreneurial business person. They tuned in from every facet of business and every corner of the globe, and I want to share it with you. This same message has also been delivered to MBA programs at Wake Forest University, William & Mary University, Tulane University, Belmont University and many others.

The Power of Relationship Equity, presented to Harvard, helps you discover:

  • ​The Rules to be Broken to always have yourself top of mind with the people who matter
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    The Evolution of a Hire or business opportunity, and how to get known and liked by people "in the know" before the chance goes to someone else
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    The 4M Method of Career Management, which keeps your career efforts really simple
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    The 10 Time Tested Principles for Launching a "Stealth" Campaign, which will have you slipping in the backdoor of hearts and minds through the power of research-based relationships


It gets better!  You'll also get this BONUS video series
to make 2018 the start of your power-career.

The package also includes the Top 10 New Year Career Resolutions Video Series.
You'll Resolve for Yourself to:

  • Never be a needy job searcher
  • Explore your passions and interests
  • Question your way into enthusiastic relationships
  • Use the power of (others’) ego to meet amazing people
  • …and many more powerful changes to move you forward

Through nearly two hours of career transforming content, along with engaging worksheets and downloadable checklists, you'll be able to move into 2018 with a career power and vengeance to have this year be the one of your most massive growth ever.

What University Educators Share About Darrell's Message:

“Darrell Gurney was a great encouragement to my MBA students, most of whom are just beginning their MBA degree. His advice caused a mental shift for them from job seeking to relationship building. That has lifelong value to their career management!”
—Jennifer Vancil, M.Ed., Graduate Career Counselor, Colorado State University

​“Darrell is the best teacher I know of the most important career-building skill of all – ‘the art of networking.’ Among the 16 top experts on the faculty at Beyond B-School today, I believe he should be at the top of the list for MBA career services to engage to give their students a skill they will benefit from their entire professional careers.”
—Roy Young, Founder, BeyondB-School.com

​​“Exactly what we wanted to have our students hear about a method to have them go out and take their job search to others.”
—Lori LeBleu, Director, College of Business Career Development Center, Belmont University

​“I’m happy to report we had 161 registrants RSVP for your career webinar and 167 participants in attendance! We’ve never had any of our career webinars go over 100%. Again, thank you for presenting the 10 Resolutions for Job Search, as I believe it really does speak to our alumni.”
—​Jennifer Campbell, Development Associate, Alumni Relations, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

The Power of Relationship Equity Harvard Training and the
Top 10 New Year Career Resolutions - only $9.97!