Are you ready for a Re-Launch?

Are you in the midst of or considering a career change?

Are you off course and need navigational help in creating your dream job?

Do you want to launch a job search or ​renew your business and need winning materials, methods and mindsets in place fast?

The 2-Day Career Re-Launch ​Workshop
Friday & Saturday, May 10 & 11, 9am - 5:30pm

​in Irvine, CA

The 2-Day Career ​Re-Launch ​Workshop ​ will help you re-establish (or establish for the first time) the core structures of your job search and career transition plan for you to ​​launch and land in your dream job. In addition, you'll learn methods that can be used to set you apart in your own business, if that's the route for you.

Learn to navigate today's business market with the most powerful methods for career fulfillment so you land happier and healthier in a career situation that fits your passions. Capitalize on the navigation ​skills of three seaworthy career captains: Darrell W. Gurney, Terry Goldfarb, and Alexandra Levin.

The Career Re-Launch ​Workshop is a powerful, immersive two-day course guiding and supporting you with all you need for your current career transition and, ​beyond that, enabling you to manage your own career and job security for the rest of your life through becoming a thought leader.

Create career stability -- in only two days -- learning the same secrets, tools and techniques taught to Harvard MBAs and executive professionals​!

Led by the author of the bestselling book “Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest,” this 2-day course is based upon Darrell's personal, one-on-one programs which he has conducted with career transitioning professionals for over 15 years. Darrell is an ICF Certified PCC-Level Coach (International Coaching Federation), is rated the #1 Career Coach/Business Consultant on Yelp for all of Los Angeles metropolitan area, has published multiple, award-winning and career-inspiring books, and speaks for MBA and professional groups nationwide.

Joining him is his partner, Alexandra Levin, a 25-yr SPHR Certified Human Resources Professional, Executive Coach and Training and Development Expert, Management Consultant, and also an ICF Certified PCC-Level Coach.

​Highlighting the crew, Terry Goldfarb brings her expertise in networking, relationship building, business development and marketing to individual, corporate and organizational clients. Known in Southern California as the "Relationships and Networking Maven," Terry brings decades of high​ level experience from associating with the movers and shakers of industry.

What can you count on to keep your career expanding through good times and bad?

Your career stability starts by knowing what the smartest people already know:  The Power of Relationship Equity.

For 30 years as a Career Coach and Executive Advisor, ​I've taught a method which has been utilized by professionals and entrepreneurs in any field to ensure their first-responder status to the best career opportunities existing in the “hidden” market.

​Consider that the stock market has recently achieved enormous growth, and some forecasts say more economic growth is coming. Employment rates are at an all-time high, so this could be your chance to "trade up" into either finding a better role in the same career or finally making that switch to something different...for more work-life balance.

​​Regardless of what happens in the market, your knowing how to tap into the power of relationships -- and the job security "equity" it provides -- will ensure your ​stability and growth in both good times and bad.

I want to share with you the same method that I've offered professionals in transition as well as top MBA programs and universities for years...the same ​support that has put me #1 on Yelp as Career Coach for all of Los Angeles, one of the largest workplace markets in the world.

The 2-Day Career Re-Launch ​Workshop provides:

  • Career Inventory: We will mine your past for the Gold that will buy your future, assessing your unique pattern of success that you bring to everything you touch. This discovery process culminates in naming your “personal brand,” a personal and powerful narrative that distinguishes you from everyone else.  This is an incredibly uplifting and empowering process, especially for those who have had their self-esteem trounced by a layoff or extended job search.
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    Branding & Packaging: We then build your “personal brand” into your resume and spoken presentation (your “verbal resume,” or elevator pitch). Being able to convey your unique essence to others in a compelling, concise and powerful way has others tap into you at an emotional level. Having materials that stand out from the crowd has you get noticed above and beyond those whose resume looks like a carbon copy of everyone else's.
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    Backdoor Transition Training: Even more important, you then learn how to generate relationships and opportunities out of thin-air through a proven process of “career tribe” development. It's getting known by the people in the know in your areas of passionate interest that will open doors to the sweetheart opportunities and unadvertised roles that only those with insider connections hear about. You'll be able to create the introductions, messages, meetings, affiliations, and friendships you need to open this hidden-opportunities market through a backdoor, "stealth" approach.
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    ​4 Weekly Follow-up Support Trainings:​ For 4 weeks following the course, you'll enjoy live, interactive online trainings with Darrell and the team to fine-tune your "career campaign" and receive support in mastering this backdoor approach to career transition and entrepreneurial thought leadership.​​​


It gets better!  You'll also get a BONUS pre-course package valued at over $400 to have you come into the course already empowered and ready for launch!

You'll prepare for the 2-day program by accessing Darrell's 5-star rated online course, Dream Job Lifeline, along with other online trainings, books, audios and materials. You'll also engage in a powerful self-discovery assessment, giving you a window into how you think, behave and operate. All of this will have you come into the course with so much learning already under your belt that the live coursework ​will take you higher!

​The Power Career Pre-Course Package includes everything you need to start your 2-Day Career Re-Launch ​Workshop in the most powerful, ready-to-sail way.

You'll Receive Access To:

  • Dream Job Lifeline: Darrell's 5-star rated online course with over 40 video modules and downloadable worksheets. Over 1100 students have participated worldwide. Engaging fully in this pre-course program sets you up to win big! (Approx 4hrs of content)
  • Professional Relationships:  Building & Maintaining Your Network:  Terry Goldfarb, known as the "Relationships & Networking Maven," shares with you a method she's taught executives in transition for the last 20 years, a way of building your networking matrix for success.  Completing this pre-course program and downloadable worksheets enables you to hit the ground running.  (Approx 2 hrs of content.)
  • Harvard "Power of Relationship Equity" Training: Darrell led an online training for 256 Harvard Alumni who tuned in from all over the world. This training, offered to top MBA programs, is here for you to profit from too! Includes downloadable worksheets. (Approx 1hr of content)
  • Top 10 Career Resolutions Video Series: Drawing upon ten time-tested principles for building a backdoor, relationships-based career campaign, Darrell brings these principles to life in this powerful series of 19 videos and downloadable worksheets. (Approx 1hr of content)
  • Career Guidance 3-Audio Series: Darrell has interviewed some of the greatest thought leaders on relationships-based career management. This 3-audio series includes his interviews with Richard Bolles (What Color is Your Parachute?), Harvey Mackay (How to Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door), and Barbara Sher (Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want)...all powerful, career-shifting conversations. (Approx 3hrs of content)
  • Books, Books and More Books: You'll receive Darrell's Amazon bestselling book outlining this backdoor approach to career transition, Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest, along with 3 other career shifting reads: Finding the S Spot: Career Pleasure Secrets for Merging Skills, Play & Pay (ebook), Headhunters Revealed: Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters, and his midlife-career inspiring Crisis or Opportunity: Midlife In and Out of the Office (ebook).
  • Kiersey Corporate Survey: To understand yourself better, it pays to know how you're wired to think and process information, how you tend to interact with others, and your innate tendencies toward structure, procedure and organization. This assessment tool gives you a window into yourself that can be enlightening as well as relieving, understanding why you do things the way you do.
  • Plus, many more powerful materials to move you forward!

With over 14 hours of pre-course, career transforming content, you'll be empowered to move into the 2-Day Career Re-Launch ​Workshop with the knowledge, tools and commitment to have this career transition be the one of your most consciously planned and successful moves ever.

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The 2-Day Career Re-Launch ​Workshop
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