Career Review Strategy Session -

Career Review Strategy Session

By johnqla


Career Review Strategy Session

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A hugely powerful 90-minute stand-alone session that gives you the opportunity to discover and determine areas you would like to develop and expand upon in your career. We spend a full 90 minutes one-on-one together on the phone walking through your background in detail so that I can form deeper impressions from which to advise you.

At the conclusion of the session, I personally walk you through written summary of What’s Working, What Needs Attention, and What Next Steps need to be considered in your career. The entire summary is recorded for you to listen to as many times as you’d like.

This session alone generates enormous insights for clients and is an incredible stand-alone career shifter.




What Folks Have Said Specifically About the Career Review Strategy Session:

“My initial 1 1/2 hours with Darrell was the best return on investment I’ve had in quite some time. After speaking with me for a short period and asking an occasional clarifying question, Darrell was able to shed light on why certain things resonate/work for me in my work life and why certain aspects leave me with a vague sense of discontent. I was able to see clearly what my primary drivers are and extrapolate to what might work/not work for me in the future…and, more importantly, what I find most satisfying. I would describe the process as bringing things I was already somewhat aware of into sharp focus.”
—Luanda G., Harvard MD and Clinic Director

“I just went through the Career Review Strategy Session with Darrell and I am very impressed. He is very professional and has an extraordinary analysis and synthesis capacity. In only 90 minutes he came up with an extremely accurate description. Most of the things he brought up I honestly would not have been capable of realizing myself. His approach gave me a fresh perspective of my professional career and the opportunity to redirect my job search into a campaign which highlights my natural talents that ultimately will differentiate me from the rest and will land a job that inspires and fulfills my vision.”
—Eugenio L., CFO and International Finance Manager

“I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about how someone can gather information about you in 70 minutes and then provide you with a written summary in 20 minutes. Darrell quickly cleared my skepticism after I began to read his summary from my Career Review Strategy Session. His analysis/assessment was mind blowing for me because he was able to ‘very eloquently’ articulate my strengths, which confirmed what I had been sharing with others about myself. After the session, I felt empowered, confident, and yet a little scared, which caused me to think about this quote ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us’ (Marianne Williamson). However, the light revealed by Darrell and the next steps he provided will be my motivators and driving forces to fulfill my passions and vocation. What an AWESOME experience!”
—Monica M., HR Professional

“I got a lot of personal value from my session with Darrell. He reminded me of what is closest to my heart, my passion to bring value to all I interact with. In addition he discovered for me new areas to explore and manifest in my work. His uncanny capabilities to quickly get to the essence, the core of what is important and to frame it in a way that makes sense and inspire are fantastic. I am very happy to have had this experience. I am looking forward to expand professionally and personally in new, very valuable ways.”
—Stella E., PhD, Global Talent & Leadership VP

“I would never have been able to look at myself in the mirror in the way you enabled me to. The way you were able to link to my past experiences from childhood to present day and come up with a game plan going forward makes this session worth every dollar. I now have a renewed sense of direction where I need to be.”
—Justin C., Financial Advisor and recent grad

“Telling you about myself and answering your questions was revealing, even to me. I could hear myself say things in a way I hadn’t heard them before. The best part was hearing, from pretty much a complete stranger, that I’m okay. To hear that even though many have said that what makes me me is a weakness, it is in reality my real strength… now I only need to harness it and direct it toward the right people. I feel vindicated! I’m very much impressed with what I received. Thank you, Darrell!”
—Donna L., College Adjunct Instructor

“The Career Review Strategy Session that I received was priceless! Darrell informed me of my strengths and the areas that I need to improve on. This has helped to build my confidence when speaking with future employers. I have also learned how important networking is in order to have a successful back-door approach.”
—Andrea J., Account Executive

“I appreciate the time you took to do a Career Review Strategy Session with me. You helped clarify and summarize those qualities and skills that have supported my professional success, as well as outlined a process I can use to direct those skills to more closely reflect my own priorities and values, so I can have a larger impact going forward. Nice work!”
—Bob O., Director of Security

“Insightful, positive, and motivating Darrell was able to extract with razor sharp precision, the core essence of my unique value to employers. These revealing observations about my successful personal characteristics gave me tremendous confidence during a recent interview. It awakened critical awareness about my marketability, my deepest desires and goals, and how I can go about attaining them. From this, I feel very enthusiastic about the coming year and what it will bring for me. Darrell is a fabulous coach and motivator!”
—Jeanne C., Senior VP Marketing

“It was good to talk to you today. I really like your approach of doing your own research. You also worked my strengths out. I am thinking right now of how I can initiate a backdoor campaign. Thanks!”
—Martin M., General Manager/Mining Engineer

“It feels like I finally got ‘seen’ — not only by someone else — but mostly by me! I never before saw those areas of my strengths Darrell pointed out! I am now more hopeful and seeing possibilities! In fact, I’m seeing the possibility of a Big Possibility! After my initial consultation with Darrell, I took a long, deep breath. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I just have to put my feet on the track and start walkin’!”
—Barbara W., Image Consultant

“It wasn’t the type of interview I immediately thought it was. We covered so much in so little time. During the break I began rethinking all of my responses. I thought I could have elaborated more and that the responses were repetitive and a bit shallow. I also thought to myself that Darrell probably has a canned write up he uses in order to get done so fast. Within twenty or so minutes Darrell sent a write up summary of our review session. As I glanced through, I couldn’t believe how personalized it was. It was clearly not a canned response. His way of extrapolating information and finding the unique themes is amazing. The summary highlighted many key points that I could have never relayed about my career personality and accomplishments. It set the stage to energize me in branding myself in a unique powerful way with defined next steps to help me begin the process.”
—Danette S., Director, Government Relations & Program Management