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Dream Job Lifeline: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working. How to Walk Through the Back Door Into Your Dream Job Life

By Darrell Gurney

Dream Job Lifeline: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working. How to Walk Through the Back Door Into Your Dream Job Life



Registration is open for your “Dream Job Lifeline: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working” online training program. Lots of hard work and many months of preparation went into this course, and we know you will be impressed!

“Dream Job Lifeline: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working. How to Walk Through the Back Door Into Your Dream Job Life.” is only $197 and gives you a complete roadmap for creating a backdoor, “stealth” career transition campaign.

This is a very interactive program!

Lectures: Almost 40 lectures and over 4 hours of quality, in-depth guidance and instruction.

Workbook and Guide: An extensive downloadable guide and workbook.

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If you are ready to take the next step toward landing your dream job and ensuring a future of job security by your own design, or if you want to gain sales leads or grow your business, we encourage you to enroll!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn a stealth approach to climbing into the hearts and minds of people who matter for your career!

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  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Relationships Are Important…Don’t Be Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    “I’ve read Darrell’s book, “Never Apply for a Job Again”, and found it both engaging and inspirational in helping me explore a career move. He emphasizes a “stealth” and “back door” approach to effective job searching – which, when it comes down to doing the work, makes a whole lot of sense. Darrell’s background as a recruiter, consultant and career advisor shows in this series – giving the participant Darrell’s perspectives and principles for a fraction of what it would cost to call him and schedule individual sessions. In these videos, Darrell explains how to get in the doors of C-level executives for prospective future employers – in a stealth manner – by building relationships first through expressing legitimate interest in them, asking questions (but focusing on listening!), and admiring their knowledge and experiences through their stories. I found the idea of maintaining these relationships in a consistent manner important as it keeps your name freshly in the mind of those with whom you speak with. You never know what may come your way just by getting to know others, making them feel important and asking for their expert advice on their field. You don’t want to be gone and forgotten! This series is a great way to begin the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment in your career life. By doing some personal reflection and focusing on what you want and desire, making a plan to meet decision makers in a memorable manner and fostering these relationships, a person stands a great chance to be in the right place at the right time when opportunity comes knocking – without ever asking for a job. Well worth the time and effort!”
    –Brian S. (Scott) Manning. CPL Breitburn Energy Partners LP Los Angeles, CA

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Boost of Confidence

    “The course equipped me with a game plan and the confidence to meet the people I wanted to get to know in the industry I want to get in. Darrell’s step by step process is clear and impactful. He explains in a way that you can understand and motivates you to go out and try it. There are some things that seem obvious, but it isn’t until he talks about it that it clicks and makes sense. My favorite part was when he goes into detail of what to write in the letter to ask for a quick time to chat. You get what you put in.”
    –Helen Tau

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Really Great Course!

    “I am just a bit blown away by how comprehensive and thorough this course is. I am one who loves getting a blueprint and solid examples of what to do, and more importantly how to do it. I think my biggest “nice surprise” was the fact that Darrell even gives you scripts so you have a good guideline on exactly what to say in several situations. That, for me is always huge. I’ve already started implementing some of the techniques and it’s obvious they are working because people are paying attention.”
    –Pam Blackman

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Thought Provoking!

    “My name is Lisa H, Colorado Springs, CO. I am in middle management in Defense Contracting. Changing conditions within Defense Contracting prompted me to start a campaign for a new position. As I was investigating current approaches to entering the job search market, I came across Darrell Gurney’s course and was intrigued by the “backdoor approach.” I subscribed and found Darrell’s approach absolutely thought-provoking. The course takes familiar concepts and brings them together in a way that increases confidence, passion, and purpose. This a collection of outstanding ideas and timeless principles that provides a new blueprint to achieving personal and professional goals that goes beyond that of a job search. I approached the course with an open mind and completed all the recommended exercises. II was absolutely pleased with the results. The backdoor approach enabled me to meet people I would have never met, I was offered to be mentored by leadership in an industry I had a desire for, but no direct experience with. Individuals I worked with on my research projects called me about opportunities in industries I was exploring. In closing, if a job-seeker reading this review is discouraged with the traditional front-door, apply for jobs and hope to get picked method, I highly encourage you to subscribe to this course and follow it to completion. I highly recommend the course.”
    –Lisa Hanselman

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Changed my approach to networking

    “My name is Lauren, and I’m an actress who’s pursuing a career in Los Angeles. Coming to a city where I didn’t know many people and where the amount of competition is ridiculously high kind of scared me. I wasn’t sure how to approach meeting people, but Darrell’s course helped me reevaluate the way in which I find work. I don’t know how other people feel, but sometimes I act like a nervous chihuahua when meeting professionals in the industry whom I respect. I want to connect and stay in contact with them, but I don’t know how to do this without coming across as desperate. Darrell’s videos have shown me how to do the research necessary to open doors and to have these professionals actually want to stay in touch with you. I’m finally taking risks, and it’s paying off. If you find yourself struggling to make the right career moves, Dream Job Lifeline helps pave the way to keeping up relationships that could lead to the job you’ve always wanted.”
    –Lauren Bray

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Great for building professional relationships

    “My name is Miku and I am an actress and singer. My experience working with Darrell and following his course have been nothing but positive. The course is all about changing your approach and general perspective to “finding a job.” It’s unconventional, but it works. One of the most important things this course will teach you is to create opportunities for yourself through forging and fostering relationships. This course will get you in the right mindset to tackle any new venture you are pursuing. It has given me a solid foundation on how to approach starting my career.”
    –Miku Khezri

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Finding Your Job “Sweet Spot” and Creating Your “Career Tribe.”

    “Dean R. – Corporate Manager – Fortune 500 Company. I’ve just completed Darrell Gurney’s course DREAM JOB LIFELINE: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working and am pumped to put all this information to use. This course, like Gurney’s book “Never Apply For A Job Again!”, are fact filled, inspiring and provide the tools to not only view your career search (and career) in a new light, but also to take the actions to enhance your career into a purpose. As I listened to Gurney my juices started flowing. I’m discovering my very powerful “Job Sweet Spot” and how to build a “Career Tribe” that takes my view of my career to a new — much higher — perspective. Not only is Gurney a magnificent mentor, but he puts you in touch with others through social networking that are making the same life changes right now. It was during my exploration of Darrell’s “Your Sweet Spot” worksheet that my juices really started flowing. I was amazed by the varying interests I have an how passionate I am about them. Don’t miss out on this wonderful knowledge. I believe that Gurney is the “critical link” between you and your best career.”
    –Dean Regan

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Dream Job Lifeline: Get Known, Get Offers, Get Working

    “Fabulous content! Every lecture was to the point and Darrel’s delivery was impeccable. He knows what he is talking about from direct experience. I have began to put into practice some of his recommendations and they do indeed work. Highly recommend this course to others.”
    –Stella Estevez, PhD

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    A Blueprint for Success

    “Rafe J. Leyva, CEO InnerVision Marketing: This is the most insightful career advice I’ve run across. I think one of the most valuable lessons here (which I wish I had available to me years ago) was how important it is to cultivate connections in high places and to stay connected. Too often, when we reach successful plateaus, the tendency is to disconnect because “we’ve made it!” What we don’t realize is it doesn’t always last, so maintaining connections and building relationship equity in business is essential. I also loved the exercises Darrell gave, because they are real and solid and will provide dividends. This is especially valuable to anyone unemployed, because in Darrell you’ve got the best cheer leader and adviser to lift you up from the depths and show you the way up! And his “Backdoor-Stealth” method for connecting with high level executives through doing a “Research Study” is brilliant! He’s got the goods!”
    –Rafe Leyva

  • Darrell Gurney says:

    Stellar Class!

    “I’ve known Darrell for a bit over 10 years, when we embarked on my first backdoor campaign. The campaign process was structured, but nothing like it is today. Because I’m now wanting to make a career change, I asked Darrell for his help again. Darrell recommended that I read his book and take this course before we started having 1:1 sessions. I’m so glad Darrell made this recommendation. While I found the book to be more than I could ever expect, the class far exceeded my expectations! I must say, I was absolutely blown away by the content and how it complimented the book. The detailed explanations that Darrell provides to get you through the backdoor campaign are presented in a very uniform and structured manner. The course could not have been developed any better. I particularly found the videos both entertaining and very easy to comprehend. Nothing was ever presented over my head. You can tell that Darrell put an enormous amount of thought and hard work into developing the interactive videos. I must say, the videos actually made the class what it is. It was so nice to see a face (with a warm, endearing smile) presenting the material with such enthusiasm. Darrell exudes confidence in what he’s presenting and the belief that his students will adopt his techniques for success. I will treasure having these course modules available for me to revisit. This class easily gets 5 stars in my book…more realistically, a 10! Students will not be disappointed by taking this course. I’m grateful to Darrell for providing this as another tool in the toolbox to a successful career change. I highly recommend Darrell Gurney and his “Dream Job Lifeline” course! New students will not be disappointed.”
    –Linda Johnson

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