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Darrell W. Gurney is the Networking Expert for

“Darrell is the best teacher I know of the most important career-building skill of all – ‘the art of networking.’ Among the 16 top experts on the faculty at Beyond B-School today, I believe he should be at the top of the list for MBA career services to engage to give their students a skill they will benefit from their entire professional careers.”
—Roy Young, Founder,

Darrell W. Gurney at a “Meet the Author” Event for Colorado State MBAs

“Darrell Gurney was a great encouragement to my MBA students, most of whom are just beginning their MBA degree. His advice caused a mental shift for them from job seeking to relationship building. That has lifelong value to their career management!”
—Jennifer Vancil, M.Ed., Graduate Career Counselor, Colorado State University

MBA Student Webinar “Relationship Equity”

“The Relationship Equity webinar on networking best practices for MBAs was a very eye-opening experience for my first year students. It generated a rich discussion following the presentation on the mindset and approach students must take today to stay top of mind while not appearing desperate to prospective employers. My students walked away with a greater understanding of the critical importance of cultivating these relationships early and over time so that they are primed when needed.”
—Margaret Roberts, Director, Eberhardt Career Management Center, VP & Board Member, MBA Career Services Council

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Never Apply for a Job Again! 

Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest

The philosophy and method upon which these MBA and university offerings are based is covered in the Amazon Bestselling networking and interviewing resource, "Never Apply for a Job Again." The book is available to career services professionals as well as students HERE and has been endorsed by top bestselling business authors such as Harvey Mackay (Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive), Dave Logan (Tribal Leadership) and Dr. Ivan Misner (Founder of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization).

Kudos Straight from the Mouths of the Students Themselves:

Administration, Faculty and Staff Shout-Outs for Darrell's Programs:

“Hearing from a bestselling author firsthand about the value of ‘stealth’ networking in the job search gives students a real-world understanding of how hiring actually happens – through personal connections and establishing value to potential employers while pursuing their degree. Everyone’s goal is a job before graduation…Darrell’s advice shows us how to make it happen.”

—Jennifer Vancil, M.Ed., Graduate Career Counselor, Colorado State University

“I believe the two presentations that were brought to our students over the past couple of days were not only informative but were a way to help them create better lives for themselves and get them on a pathway to success.”

—Leonard Williams, PhD, Director, Career Management Center, Tulane University

“We had Darrell come speak today for two of our groups: an undergraduate student population and a graduate student population. His message was on point and exactly what we wanted to have our students hear about a method to have them go out and take their job search to others.”

—Lori LeBleu, Director, College of Business Career Development Center, Belmont University

“It was amazing! It’s a very good exercise. It’s something the students need to do but, I’ll tell you, I was even doing it in the back of the room and it is a great exercise for anyone at any level. So, A Plus!”

—Peggy Babin, Associate Dean, Career Management Center, Tulane University

“The presentation was extremely well received. Darrell is a very engaging speaker, but more to the point, his subject matter was very relevant for graduating seniors and mid-career professionals who may find themselves in transition at a future date. I can highly recommend Darrell for presentations to groups like this or, for that matter, to any group where networking skills would become important.”

—Howard Fletcher, Director, Student Center for Professional Development, California State University Long Beach

“Great work and thanks for your time. The alumni were inspired and motivated to get out and connect in new and innovative ways. The feedback was positive.”

—Scott Turner, Associate Director, MBA Career Services, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

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