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Finding the S Spot

Is your career ecstatic? Do you wake up excited to work on your passions, projects and purpose? That’s an actual reality for many people…and a possibility for all. Download 2 Free Chapters (27-page eBook) of Finding the S Spot: Career Pleasure Secrets for Merging Skills, Play and Pay to have work so sweet you gotta smile!

Front Door Folly, Backdoor Bonanza

Front-Door Folly, Backdoor Bonanza is a 27-page eBook that exposes the senseless way most people attempt to accomplish career change. It’s a “wake-up call” to begin to think differently than the masses and to start utilizing the power of relationships in landing fun and fulfilling careers…or growing higher in the one you’re in!

Birth of the Back Forty

Birth of The Back Forty is a 21-page eBook in which Darrell goes far beyond career into the subject of purpose. He shares his own experiences along the midlife road to fuller self-expression from a career coach and committed single father’s point of view, showing how to bring possibility into your next half of career and life no matter what you’ve been through.

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For 30 years as a Career Coach and Executive Advisor, I’ve supported both professionals in career transition as well as business owners to move themselves forward, landing exciting new roles and/or building thriving, satisfying businesses worth getting out of bed for.

Would you like to learn best practices for job search?

Would you like to have a job/work you love that lights you up?

Or, if you are an executive, entrepreneur or business leader, how would you like to be connected and known by the "people in the know" in your fields of interest?

Do you wonder what you're really passionate about for your career?

Have you questioned your purpose as you mature in life?

If you’ve wondered about any of these, I’d like to invite you to become a member of the CareerGuy in Your Pocket Community.

The CareerGuy in your Pocket Membership Community is designed to support you in being happy and fulfilled in your career as well as to help you personally when you have questions around career change, pursuing your passions, or making the most out of your current roles/business.

The CareerGuy in Your Pocket Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Two recorded webinars, 1-hour each: "The Key to Having the Work/Life You Really Want" and "The 7 Steps to Doing What You Love" (Value: $20)
  • The popular, helpful-for-career-soul-searching ebook: "Finding the S Spot: Career Pleasure Secrets for Merging Skills, Play and Pay" (Value: $20)
  • The Top Career Networking Guidance Series Volumes 1-3, 1.5 hours each: Master expert guidance interviews with Richard Bolles ("What Color is Your Parachute?"), Harvey Mackay ("Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty"), and Barbara Sher ("Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want") (Value: $60)
  • Additional bonus materials added regularly (Value: Ongoing)
  • A LIVE webinar Q & A call taking place at 12noon PST on the 4th Friday of every month where you interact personally with Darrell around your career questions. Use the webinar to get follow-up support on the extensive career resources provided with your membership or to deal with professional issues you're facing. (Value: Priceless!)


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Search Yelp and see for yourself what people have to say about Darrell's coaching and support.


On an ongoing basis, Darrell can provide for you this experience, knowledge and expertise:

  • 30+ years supporting individuals in career transition and business growth
  • Certified Professional Coach by the International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Job & Transition Coach, Licensed Spiritual Counselor
  • Bestselling author of multiple books on career, passion and purpose
  • Speaker for top MBA and university programs around the country

What University Educators Share About Darrell's Message:

“Darrell Gurney was a great encouragement to my MBA students, most of whom are just beginning their MBA degree. His advice caused a mental shift for them from job seeking to relationship building. That has lifelong value to their career management!”
—Jennifer Vancil, M.Ed., Graduate Career Counselor, Colorado State University

“Darrell is the best teacher I know of the most important career-building skill of all – ‘the art of networking.’ Among the 16 top experts on the faculty at Beyond B-School today, I believe he should be at the top of the list for MBA career services to engage to give their students a skill they will benefit from their entire professional careers.”
—Roy Young, Founder, BeyondB-School.com

“Exactly what we wanted to have our students hear about a method to have them go out and take their job search to others.”
—Lori LeBleu, Director, College of Business Career Development Center, Belmont University

“I’m happy to report we had 161 registrants RSVP for your career webinar and 167 participants in attendance! We’ve never had any of our career webinars go over 100%. Again, thank you for presenting the 10 Resolutions for Job Search, as I believe it really does speak to our alumni.”
—Jennifer Campbell, Development Associate, Alumni Relations, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

The CareerGuy™ in Your Pocket Monthly Membership:
Over $100 of Immediately Valuable Content PLUS Ongoing Personal Support - only $9.97/Mo...with a 7-Day Free Trial!