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Are you someone who got to midlife with the question “Why haven’t I accomplished more yet?” or the thought “I should be somewhere else by now!” You’re not the only one.

Many people come into their 40s or 50s with a self-judging internal voice that says they should have done more or accomplished more. That’s actually the good news!

That means something greater is trying to emerge! If you were washed up driftwood, the idea of something greater would never have even occurred to you. Now, the trick is to use that awakening as momentum for expansion rather than a club of self-condemnation.

Choosing the route of expansion brings us into The Back Forty™. The title of my newest book, this idea states that the first 40 or so years of our life is just R & D anyway…so don’t get bent out of shape about it looking this way or that! It was all simply research and development so that you could learn about yourself: your true interests, proclivities, passions, tendencies, and overall personal “wiring.”

Given that many folks are simply catapulted into life from whatever familial and cultural influences surrounded their childhood, it’s often not until something proverbially “hits the fan” in midlife that we take stock of ourselves, where we are and where we want to go.  Whether you call it midlife “crisis” or “opportunity” actually shapes what is possible in the next half of life–The Back Forty™.

Take Your First Step - A Back Forty Coaching Session:

What if you haven’t even done, or maybe even begun, what you actually came here to do? It’s completely possible that your second half of life can be the fulfillment of your entire purpose for being here.  By embracing certain aspects of your life up to this point, namely:

  • Your Past
  • Your Present
  • Your Gifts
  • Your Values
  • Your Initiation
  • Your Purpose
  • A Presence

you're able to effectively mine all the R & D you've already done to fulfill on your purposeful second half.

If you’re at a place in life where you realize that there’s a bigger game you were meant to play, and you’re ready to expand into it, The Back Forty™ coaching may be for you.

What the Program Includes:

Like PlayGame Coaching , The Back Forty coaching support caters to the client’s needs and is not a completely pre-formatted program. Prospective clients can schedule a Back Forty Big Game Future Session first to help determine their goals and path they'd like to take. The Back Forty coaching can be about making a career move or about being effective in one’s career, and yet is most directed toward one’s fulfillment of purpose for being here. The Back Forty™ coaching programs are customized individually and include potential group programs as well.

Take Your First Step - A Back Forty Coaching Session:

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