Darrell Gurney Career Map

nsamemblogoDarrell presents a variety of topics to professional organizations, MBA and undergraduate programs and other community and church groups.

He teaches audiences critical and career-altering truths about human nature so they are able to Effectively Network in any environment. Personal Branding, Finding True Passions, Fulfilling One’s Purpose…these are just a few of the many subjects he covers. He also is open to suggestions to customize speaking engagements to fit the needs of his audience.

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Popular Topics

  • “Building Relationship Equity” talks and workshops for MBA Programs Nationwide
  • You Have Yet to…and You Will: 7 Innovative Ideas Toward Re-Invention and Radical Progress
  • Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest
  • SureFire Ways to Recession-PROOF Your Career
  • Are Your Nets Working? How to Catch Opportunity
  • Personally Branded: Designing Your 30-Second Pitch
  • Crushing Job Search: Launching an Effective Stealth Campaign
  • Out of the Box: Turning High-Tech into High-Touch
  • The Back Forty: It’s Time to Do What You Came to Do
  • Game On: 9 Environments to Tailwind Your Results


MBA, Undergraduate and Educational Institutions

  • Harvard MBA Business School Alumni Worldwide Webinar
  • Tulane University Freeman School of Business: 1st & 2nd Year MBA Students
  • Wake Forest University Schools of Business: 1st & 2nd Year MBA Students
  • William & Mary Mason School of Business: 1st & 2nd Year MBA Students
  • Belmont University College of Business: Undergraduates, 1st & 2nd Year MBA Students
  • MBACSC (MBA Career Services Council) Annual Conference and Monthly Member Webinar
  • University of Texas McCombs Business School MBA Alumni
  • Colorado State University College of Business MBA Program
  • BeyondB-School Nationwide Webinars
  • California State University Long Beach: Student Center for Professional Development
  • California State University Fullerton
  • Orange County UCLA MBA Alumni
  • USC Marshall School of Business MBA Alumni
  • Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity
  • Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society

Professional & Community Organizations

  • Financial Executives Networking Groups (FENG): South Bay Chapter, 101 Corridor Chapter, Orange County Chapter, Pasadena Chapter, San Diego Chapter, San Francisco Chapter, Phoenix Chapter, Nashville Chapter, Dallas Chapter, Austin Chapter
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) Orange County Professional Development Day
  • Institute of Supply Management (ISM): San Fernando Valley Chapter, Los Angeles Chapter, Orange County Chapter, Phoenix Chapter, New Orleans Chapter
  • Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG): Los Angeles Chapter, Orange County Chapter, Washington D.C. Chapter, Nationwide Online MENGinars
  • Financial Executives International Groups (FEI): San Francisco Chapter, Dallas Chapter
  • Sales Leadership Alliance: Orange County
  • McDermott & Bull Executive Networking Groups: Orange County, Woodland Hills, Pasadena
  • Resources Global Leaders in Transition: Orange County
  • Lee Hecht Harrison Human Resource Connectors Group
  • CafeNet Executives Networking Group: Orange County Chapter
  • Orange County Product Managers/ProductCamp SoCal
  • Orange County CFO Group (OC-CFO)
  • American Association of Senior Executives (AASE)
  • CareerBuilder and Los Angeles Times Career Expo
  • Rotary Club of San Pedro
  • eWomen Chapter of West LA
  • The Inside Edge
  • Working World Magazine
  • The Learning Annex
  • Glendale Business Networking Group
  • Shepherd of the Hills Church, Porter Ranch
  • Laguna Niguel Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Mariners Church Career Support Network, Irvine
  • St. Simon & Jude Career Renewal Ministry, Huntington Beach
  • Costa Mesa Connectors
  • Agape International Spiritual Center
  • North Hollywood Church of Religious Science
  • Career Masters Institute Annual Conference
  • LA Times/CareerBuilder Expo
  • LoveConnectionsMoney.com
  • 6FigureJobs.com

Speaking and Workshop Reviews

  • Sean K., attendee at Orange County Financial Executives Networking Group

    Botox for your career!
  • Ted H., attendee at TheLadders.com event

    Fun, informative and revealing: I was pumped when I left.!
  • Todd N., attendee at LA Marketing Executives Networking Group

    Darrell charged my batteries to a level I didn’t know existed. I’m now more charged than ever to take my career to the next level!
  • Michael V., attendee at Orange County CafeNet

    Excellent, thought-provoking presentation! Has shifted my thinking on how to present myself.!
  • Jeanne T., attendee at San Diego Financial Executives Networking Group

    Darrell’s presentation is full of energy and got our ordinarily reticent group involved and talking!!
  • C.J.N., attendee at Institute of Supply Management LA

    Darrell gives life lessons that will promote your career, but the real value plays out in improving your quality of life.!
  • Michael O., attendee at American Association of Senior Executives

    Your recession-proofing presentation was fast-paced and a lot of fun. Your handout is one of the best I have ever seen – it ensured participant engagement and brilliantly supported your key messages. The exercise on ‘unique-ifying’ yourself really helped me get a better feel for communicating my own value proposition.!
  • Kathy C., attendee at So Bay Financial Executives Networking Group

    I am a veteran Human Resources professional and I am amazed at what I learned in the presentation you gave for our networking group. In a very short time I learned the most valuable information I have learned yet in my career. I was amazed to learn how little I knew about networking and how simple it can be to network effectively. While it will take some more work for me to really brand myself well I have been able to make new connections already, only 1 day after our meeting. These are connections I never would have made before. Thank you!!

Meeting Planner Endorsements

  • Brad Remillard, Founder of the American Association of Senior Executives (AASE)

    Thanks for a great presentation to my group of executives. You did really good job engaging the group. Your handouts were very helpful and the exercises I think really opened the eyes of many as to how important networking the right way is to one’s job search. I have received many excellent comments back on your talk. I know the executives all benefited having you as our speaker.!
  • Joan Varrone, Speaker Chair and San Francisco Bay Area Coordinator, Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG)

    I highly recommend that you get people you know to listen to Darrell's words.
  • Mike Goddard, Co-Chair South Bay FENG

    Mr. Gurney, thank you so much for addressing our CFO networking group the other evening. I received many compliments from the members for another great speaker; another fantastic South Bay FENG networking meeting. The content of the material and the delivery of the message were outstanding: clear, crisp, and full of energy. The personal branding exercise was fun, interactive, and of particular interest to our group. Please let me know if I can help you in any way; referrals, introductions, anything I can do to help get your message out.!
  • Sonia C., Workshops Chair, SCDA

    You are awesome with how you can energize the room and convey great, useful info in a very short period of time. You also have very good command of the audience, a great sense of humor and quick, witty answers and comments. I know people were delighted with the workshop.!
  • Gregory Gaines, Chair of the Orange County Chapter of the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG)

    Senior marketing executives know how to promote and sell a brand, but they often don't know how to sell or brand themselves. So Darrell was particularly effective in getting the folks in this chapter meeting thinking out of the box and creatively about branding and using other techniques for their career search.!
  • Amanda Koerth, Director of Education, Alpha Kappa Psi International Business Fraternity

    Thank you for speaking at our national Professional Business Leadership Institutes in Dallas and Atlanta. I know all the participants got tons of value out of your talks.!
  • Dave Quimby, Co-Chair, Orange County FENG

    Darrell’s presentation on ‘How to Recession-Proof Your Career’ to the Orange County chapter of the Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG) was very well received by the membership (about 65 attended). Much of his focus on personal accomplishments helped people to focus on what value they bring to employers and to their friends and families. It gave everyone an opportunity to reflect on the positives in their lives and careers, instead of worrying about the effects of a prolonged transition period and other causes of angst. Everyone left the room with a positive outlook and an understanding of their value and brand.!

Colleges Staff Endorsements

  • Jennifer Campbell, Alumni Relations, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

    Darrell, I'm happy to report that we had 161 registrants RSVP for your career webinar and 167 participants in attendance! We've never had any of our career webinars go over 100%. Again, thank you for presenting the '10 New Year Command-Your-Career Resolutions' as I believe it really does speak to our alumni.!
  • Roy Young, Founder, BeyondB-School.com

    Darrell is the best teacher I know of the most important career-building skill of all – ‘the art of networking.’ Among the 16 top experts on the faculty at Beyond B-School today, I believe he should be at the top of the list for MBA career services to engage to give their students a skill they will benefit from their entire professional careers.!
  • Leonard Williams, PhD, Director, Career Management Center, Tulane University

    I believe the two presentations that were brought to our students over the past couple of days were not only informative but were a way to help them create better lives for themselves and get them on a pathway to success.
  • Lori LeBleu, Director, College of Business Career Development Center, Belmont University

    We had Darrell come speak today for two of our groups: an undergraduate student population and a graduate student population.  His message was on point and exactly what we wanted to have our students hear about a method to have them go out and take their job search to others.
  • Jennifer Campbell, Alumni Relations, McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

    Darrell, the presentation you gave last week on 'Backdoor Job Search' was top-notch! The webinar provided an excellent forum for alumni and guests to ask questions and voice opinions. Thank you for such an informative and pleasant session!!
  • Howard Fletcher, Director, Student Center for Professional Development, California State University Long Beach

    The presentation was extremely well received. Darrell is a very engaging speaker, but more to the point, his subject matter was very relevant for graduating seniors and mid-career professionals who may find themselves in transition at a future date. I can highly recommend Darrell for presentations to groups like this or, for that matter, to any group where networking skills would become important.