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Begin 2011 Outside of the Box: A Backdoor Approach for Non-Traditional Career. Guest: Darrell Gurney

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When You Are No Longer A Caregiver, with Darrell Gurney & Alexandra Levin

Find a Job Fridays

"How a state-funded, work sourcing program (JOIN: Job Opportunities in Nevada) created amazing results by teaching clients the backdoor ("stealth") method of job search outlined in Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest."

KFWB/KNX NewsRadio, Los Angeles, CA: Money 101 with Bob McCormick

"Best Job Search Times and Tips"

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Part 2
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Part 4

"Your Credit Around the Workplace"

Part 1

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"With Ken Jeffries on Jobs, Backdoors, & Landing"

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"Thank you for coming in this week to talk with Bob. Your time on Money 101 went well! Bob is very excited and has suggested we bring you back when the government releases jobs numbers. Those are usually released on Fridays."
Austin Cross, Producer, KFWB/KNX NewsRadio

Part 1

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WKXL-AM Concord, NH: Financial Spectrum with Bill Kearney
"Great interview! Darrell brings both experience and wisdom to the issue of career advancement. Entertaining and engaging, my listeners appreciated his relational perspective and powerful tools."

KCMN-AM Colorado Springs, CO: Tron in the Morning
"It's nice to talk with a guy like Darrell that has not only the ability to explain; in a pithy way, how to get a job, but to keep one and thrive in that vocation! Gurney's done it and he can teach it!"

700 WLW Cincinnati, OH: Eddie & Tracy Show
"Darrell was a great interview and helped give our listeners career advice. Would love to have him back."
Paul Mason-Executive Producer 700 WLW

WDUN-AM Atlanta, GA: The Afternoon Show

WGSO-AM New Orleans, LA: Ringside Politics AM Talk

KFKA-AM Denver, CO: AM Colorado with Deb & Dallas

Money Matters Stu Taylor on Business

KOA-AM Denver, CO: Colorado Morning News

KORN-AM Sioux Falls, SD: KORN Mornings