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PlayGame Coaching was developed for exactly what it says: to create fun and playful games around big initiatives and growth.

The premise of PlayGame Coaching is the idea that anything worth achieving is worth building a game around.

That very idea flies in the face of most of us, trained in a Western, industrial mindset that says it’s all about nose-to-the-grindstone arduous struggle and effort to knock out lots of tasks to get to a hard-fought result. Whew! Even hearing that wears you out!

Many clients have benefited from a contrary approach to achieving breakthrough results and launching inspired initiatives: the idea of building a GAME and PLAYING their way to the changes and results they want to see. More fun, more forgiving, and far more long-term enduring…not to mention effective.

If you are a “player” executive, entrepreneur or expansionistic individual with big goals you want to achieve and accelerated growth you want to accomplish, PlayGame™ Coaching could be for you.

From issues related to short- or long-term career direction, business building, discovering passions & interests, launching initiatives, or simply the benefit of having someone in your corner to support and cheerlead you as you pursue meaningful goals in a play-based way, Darrell can coach and guide you. You will have Darrell’s full attention to work on what YOU are currently dealing with.

Maybe you just landed your dream position and you want to perform your new role to the best of your ability–not only to ensure that you continuously receive paychecks, but also to establish yourself powerfully and notably for future growth.

Or, maybe you’re a high-achieving business owner or self-employed professional with goals requiring you to be bigger than you’ve known yourself to be. Using the same “best thinking” you always have will only net you the same results. But breakthroughs can come through new perspectives and seeing your “blind spots” in an empowering and encouraging game environment.

You’d be surprised that high-achieving, high-performance executives and business owners design and win games not only around the business and professional areas of their lives, but also in very personal areas such as developing their “voice”, meeting their real Self, and taking control over their life direction. These are folks who are in all respects “successful” in their appearance and operations in the world and yet know that their real game is always on the inside, in their relationship with themselves, their abilities and their belief in what’s possible.

We always produce more effectively and with greater results when there’s a coach reminding us of our greatness and assisting us to achieve it. Lots of times we rise to the occasion when a private confidante has a bigger picture of us and what we are capable of producing than our own limited self-concept. By bringing the element of play into the mix, we can grow in ways we can’t when operating from the pressure of having it all figured out.

With over 28 years of experience in coaching individuals, Darrell is straight and piercing as an arrow to make the most of each session and, inside of a game you’re playing, any time with Darrell is also fun and uplifting as well. You’ll leave each session energized with a plan for your next level game in hand.

However, you will only understand this approach by jumping into the game vs. being on the sidelines…so join those whose comments you see below and institute a PlayGame™ approach to the big games of your own life. Let’s knuckle-bump on what you want to achieve in an initial PlayGame™ Big Game Coaching Session.

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PlayGame™ Coaching was developed for exactly what it says: to create fun and playful games around big initiatives and growth.

Take Your First Step - A PlayGame Coaching Session:

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