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Based on statistics of labor trends, career transition will become increasingly a way of life. Rare are the careers of yesteryear where you worked for the same company, or even just a few companies your entire life.

Today’s labor figures show that the average person will have at least 3-4 career changes and 10-14 different jobs by age 38. That means change will be the norm rather than the anomaly.

Yet, change can be good, as we become more and more self-expressed every time we tap into our passions in making the next move. We become more directed towards where our interests lie NOW rather than yesterday.

Learning to navigate change effectively by creating a Lifetime Career Management™ mindset and method allows you to boldly say “Bring it on!” You worry less about the inevitable hiccups in the economy because you know you can make inroads into any field through effective backdoor relationship building.

Career coaching services focus on developing a plan to get you where you want to go. Is it another corporate role? Is it your own business? Is it an internal move within an organization you currently work for?

Take Your First Step - A Career Review Strategy Session:

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What former clients have shared about Private Career Transition Programs (Click to Read):

Bruce S., Chief Financial Officer

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David B., Chief Technology Executive

Lee S., Director of Sales

Ian V., TV/Media Executive

Marilyn L., Chief Financial Officer

Step One

The Career Review Strategy Session

The first step is a Career Review Strategy Session. This 90-minute, one-on-one phone session gives us an opportunity to determine the areas you would like to develop and expand upon in your career. At the conclusion of the session, you are personally walked through a written summary of What’s Working, What Needs Attention, and What Next Steps need to be considered in your passion-based career growth. This session alone generates enormous insights for clients, and also provides a launchpad for any further support desired.

Take Your First Step - A Career Review Strategy Session:

What clients have shared about the initial 90-Minute Career Review Strategy Session (Click to Read):

Luanda G., Harvard MD and Clinic Director

Eugenio L., CFO and International Finance Manager

Monica M., HR Professional

Stella E., PHD, Global Talent and Leadership VP

Justin C., Financial Advisor and Recent Grad

Donna L., College Adjunct Instructor

Andrea J., Account Executive

Bob O., Director of Security

Jeanne C., Senior VP Marketing

Martin M., General Manager/Mining Engineer

Barbara W., Image Consultant

Danette S., Director, Government Relations and Program Management

Listen to Stories of Career Transition and Transformation from Previous Clients

Pam S.

"Excited Wife of Client"

Joyce S.

“A continuously positive and empowering force in my life!”

Angela B.

"A major turning point in my life."

Take Your First Step - A Career Review Strategy Session:

Step Two
What Happens After Your Strategy Session?

The Career Review Strategy Session stands alone in terms of value (see reviews above). For those interested in further support, based on the insight gained from that session, I offer several programs to help you build a backdoor career transition campaign. This not only gets you into your next role faster, but becomes the basis for the management of your career for life. Though always customizable, there are three general levels of coaching available to fit your needs and budget.

Take Your First Step - A Career Review Strategy Session:

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