Darrell Gurney Career Map

In Every Area of Life, All Top Performers Have a Coach

The American ideal is of the “self-made” man (or woman).  However, if you look behind the scenes into the lives of the greatest leaders (political, entertainment, business, etc.), you’ll find that they surround themselves with good coaches—not because they are incapable, but because they can achieve so much more when they take in the perspectives and views of themselves from others.  Our own views of “success” are often just the tip of the iceberg of our fullest capabilities and capacities.

As humans, we often underestimate ourselves by believing that we are less capable than we truly are.  Fortunately, we do not have to venture on our journeys alone.  There are instances throughout our lives where we rely on the guidance, encouragement, greater perspective and teachings of others. That is the value of coaching. Coaches give us the tools and confidence we need to pursue our goals without wavering.  Recognize that any investment that takes you to a higher level of effectiveness, empowerment, and earning can’t help but pay for itself in short order.