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Darrell has been a recruiting veteran, career advisor and spiritual counselor for over twenty-five years, and has written three acclaimed books.  He has helped thousands of professionals from all levels make profitable career transitions and create prosperous new businesses.  He teaches his clients how to effectively market themselves in any environment by developing their personal brands that represent their unique assets and abilities and to then go fly the flag of those brands through systematic backdoor, or “stealth”, career campaigns.  He also coaches executives to be effective as well as how to achieve a higher sense of purpose in one’s life and career.

Darrell offers a variety of instructional tools to best suit his clients’ needs.  They can choose to experience one-on-one career support as well as group and mastermind training sessions, attend webinars and teleseminars from the comfort of their own homes, join him for speaking engagements and more.  Darrell gives people the confidence they need to break out of their self-limiting shells to build beneficial career and business relationships that eliminate blocks and open doors.

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