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Endorsements for Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest


Foreword by Dr. Ivan Misner, Bestselling author and Founder of BNI, the largest business networking organization in the world, 6000-chapters strong.  (Click HERE to read.)



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“Never Apply for a Job Again elaborates on a secret I’ve preached for years:  in a job search, the best way to get to work is to network.  Darrell Gurney will help you open the back door to your next career move.”
—Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“Whether it’s building wealth through a job or your own business, Darrell Gurney shares how to connect with people through whom that abundance will flow.”
—T. Harv Eker, Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Never Apply for a Job applies the basic truth of my own philosophy to your job search: relationships are the key.  Whether it’s a job, a career change, or even an entrepreneurial venture, it’s the people who make anything possible for you.  Anything!”
—Keith Ferrazzi, co-author of the Bestselling Never Eat Alone

“Where there’s a way there’s a will.  Most people don’t lack the will to network, they lack the way. Once people find a way that makes sense, feels right and is doable even by those who are a tad network challenged, they’ll jump on it in a heartbeat.  That is exactly what you should do with Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest.  Don’t leave home without it.”
—Mark Goulston, author of the International Bestselling “Just Listen” Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

“I’ve read stacks of books on networking over the years, but never one that shows in such simple terms not only how to go out and meet whomever you want, but how to climb into their good graces.  Never Apply for a Job Again lays out 10 easy-to-digest and implement key principles to tap into human psychology. There’s a need for straight talk to help legions of professionals make new job connections — Darrell Gurney gets it and delivers the goods.”
—Joyce Lain Kennedy,Syndicated Columnist, Tribune Media Services

“Never Apply for a Job Again applies tribal dynamics to communicate and get known.  Future corporate leaders must have the ability to put ‘career tribes’ in place and start building teams even before they’re hired.  This book shows you how.”
—Dave Logan, New York Times #1 bestselling coauthor of Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance

“In my bestselling book, I share the 5-10-15 Program as a way of staying active in networking.  Coupling that type of regimen with the principles outlined in Darrell Gurney’s Never Apply for a Job Again cannot help but absolutely guarantee that anyone, anywhere can get the job of their dreams in almost no time. I strongly encourage every professional, self-employed entrepreneurs too, to read and incorporate these methods into your networking practice.”
—Joe Sweeney, Bestselling Author of Networking is a Contact Sport and Milwaukee investment banker

“Empowered and informed women in the workforce is one of the best things that can happen to this economy.  In ‘Never Apply for a Job Again’ Darrell shows you how to connect to the information and the influencers that can expand your career.”
—Paula Fellingham, Founder of the Women’s Information Network and Author of Believe It! Become It! How to Hurdle Barriers and Excel Like Never Before

“Never Apply for a Job Again is a provocative resource that not only hits the nail on the head about the importance of building and leveraging contacts and our network, but raises our thinking to do this “before” we need a job.  It is a Protean approach… meaning we must take personal responsibility, anticipate and adapt to a workplace in constant flux to land the job we want and deserve.  Darrell Gurney’s simple, easy-to-follow principles show you how to be proactive and successful in the new transformation workplace, where relationships reign supreme.”
—Jay Block, Bestselling Author, International Protean Career Specialist

“The reason most people stink at job interviews is that they are ‘applying’ for a job. Stop it! Cut the line, just find a way to help. Show people how you can make a difference for them. Never Apply for a Job Again takes the philosophy of my work on Relationship Selling and puts it where it is most needed today; the job market. There is plenty of work for people who are willing to truly be worth their pay. Don’t ever again sit in a human resources waiting room in hopes of getting hired. Just go help people grow their organizations.”
—Jim Cathcart, author of the International Bestselling Relationship Selling

“Never Apply for a Job Again is Chicken Soup for the Teller Machine and Rich YOU Poor Dad all in one BOOK.  It’s all about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS and this is the JOB book of the century.”
—Berny Dohrmann, Chairman CEO SPACE, author Super Achiever Mind Sets and Redemption: The COOPERATION REVOLUTION.

“A tremendous read. This book holds the answers for those who have asked the age old question ‘How can I get more out of my work life?’  I recommend it highly.”
—Greg S. Reid, Author of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold, and Napoleon Hill’s Road to Riches.

“Don’t fly your next job search or career transition mission solo. In today’s volatile economy, you need support and guidance from partners you can trust.  Read Never Apply for a Job Again and let Darrell Gurney be your wingman.  I guarantee you’ll not only dodge the missiles, but you’ll hit the target and reach new heights in your career.”
—Lt. Col. Rob “Waldo” Waldman, New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Never Fly Solo

“Darrell understands the essence of networking for your career or business . It’s not about meeting as many people as possible. It’s about really connecting then building and nurturing relationships with the right people. Never Apply for a Job Again is essential reading for anyone looking for a new job or new opportunities.”
—Dave Clarke, CEO, NRG Business Networks and writer of The Business Networking Blog

“I was very impressed.  It has very clear and straight-forward advice to the job seeker.  The principles are easy to understand and critical for gaining an advantage in this tough economy.  As a whole, it addresses the secret of landing a job—employers hire people they like!  In this book, you tell them how to ‘get liked.’  Nice and short, with just the information the job seeker needs—no fluff!”
—Richard Knowdell, Executive Director of Career Development Network and author of Building a Career Development Program and From Downsizing to Recovery.

“Never Apply For a Job Again is what everyone needs to understand about how the hidden job market works. Get it and use it before the secrets get out on WikiLeaks.”
—Penelope Trunk, the original Brazen Careerist, author, blogger, entrepreneur

“Many job seekers are lost in the sea of tactical career advice provided daily by blogs, job boards, etc. As a consequence, these job seekers spend their time following the herd instead of trying to change the odds in their favor by thinking and acting strategically.  Darrell is one of the few career authors who force readers to do exactly that.  Never Apply For a Job Again helps job seekers dramatically improve the probability of landing their dream job.  Even better, the book prepares those already employed to get a head start in case of a future layoff. A must-read.”
—Michael Froehls, PhD, management consultant, guest lecturer, and author of The Gift of Job Loss – A Practical Guide to Realizing the Most Rewarding Time of Your Life

“Who would not like to ‘break the rules, cut the line, beat the rest?’ Darrell wrote this book for job seekers, yet it’s excellent for all networkers.  I think it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read on the subject.  I recommend it for anyone who wants good ideas for connecting with hard to reach people.”
—Ken Tudhope, Founder and CEO of Project Pro Search and author of NetworkingNote.com Blog

“I found the approach outlined in Never Apply for a Job Again to be my own key to ‘the collective intelligence.’ It goes far beyond just finding a job, and I actually view the job part as a wonderful side effect of an amazing process. You have questions; this book will give you a way to get more answers than you ever thought possible. Happy reading!”
—Alex Marinescu, MBA, Sales Manager/General Manager

“Powerful.  Well written.  Insightful.  Real.  A must read for not only job seekers, but for everyone who strives to be the best they can be!”
—Debbie Ellis, Master Resume Writer and President of Phoenix Career Group

“I ADORE THIS BOOK!  It is so entertaining and practical…and SO HELPFUL!  This book is an essential read for insightful, witty, and bold truths about getting a job.  Darrell coaches brilliantly, enabling you to cut the crap so you can get the job you love!  I immediately adopted his fundamental philosophy: ‘meet and be known by others’!  Anyone who implements these principles will be instantly shot out of the ballpark of competition and confidently on their way to a great job in this new economy.”
—Bridget Nielsen, new grad, Social Media Consultant, and Passion Coach

“Thank you so much for writing this book!  My career experience includes approximately twenty years as a hiring manager, and everything in your book is spot on.  Now that the paradigm has shifted and I am the one looking for a job, it’shard to see clearly what needs to be done… so your step-by-step guide to the ‘stealth approach’is a lifesaver.  I have moved emotionally from despair to enthusiasm, and now it’stime to follow up with some action!  So, quick success story:  I have posted business ads on Craigslist many, many times to acquire consulting work and NEVER got a single response—like the post was never seen by anybody.  After reading your book, just for the heck of it, I posted an ad using some of your principles, and I got a hit: a real live potential client!  A friend had just directed me to “What Color is Your Parachute?”and I need to go to the library and pick that up—but I read your book first, and I am glad I did!”
—Levon Gagonian, Customer Service Manager in career transition

“The content is true to the best experiences and qualities of human beings.  It encourages people to strive for the best in themselves while bringing out the best and most human qualities of others…which includes the desire to help others.  Anything that creates laser focus on reminding us of our true and best nature is eye-opening…and this book should open some eyes!”
—Richard Cornfield, President, Denali Film Group

“For very specific tactics on how to get unstuck in your job search, pick up this book. Mark it with a highlighter, and most importantly, implement the ideas from Darrell!”
—Jason Alba, author of I’m on LinkedIn—Now What???

“I highly recommend Darrell’s approach, as he defines a new way to look at the job market. He has been successful with his clients, as the old ways of looking for a job are no longer valid.”
—Terry Mills, president, NAACP, Corpus Christi, Texas