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8 Week Spring Stealth Career Transformation Program

“New In Town Knowing Nobody, How I Met 7 Top CFOs To Land A Job Through The Backdoor…and How You Can Too In ANY Economy When You Discover My Proven Time-Tested System For Landing A Job You Love WITHOUT Looking For One.”

Think about it: out there desperately needing a job like everyone else is like NEEDING a boyfriend or girlfriend — you don’t come across very attractive, do you? NEED works in job search as well as it does in dating!  NOT!

As taught to sales professionals, engineers, administrative staff, CPAs, VPs of Sales, Chief Marketing Officers, Directors of Manufacturing Operations, Directors of Security, attorneys, Harvard MDs, non-profit executives, Chief Information Officers, CEOs, Human Resource Managers, Directors of Production, CEOs, Hollywood Production Executives, MBAs and even relatively new college grads…

Darrell Gurney’s

Starts April 3

8-Week Spring Stealth Career Transformation Program

There’s no better way to catapult your career prospects than this 8-week course, yet many will land their dream gig long before the 8 weeks are even completed!

Join an exclusive group of 14 people to work personally with Darrell Gurney in an 8-Week Webinar Series to take command of your career and create the Dream Career you desire.

This program brings to life the principles in Darrell’s newest book, reality show in development and much more!

Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest
Foreword by Dr. Ivan R. Misner, Founder of BNI; Endorsed by Harvey Mackay, Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive;
Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone; Joyce Lain Kennedy, Tribune Media; T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind;
Dave Logan, Tribal Leadership; Penelope Trunk, The Brazen Careerist; Mark Goulston, Just Listen;
Joe Sweeney, Networking is a Contact Sport; Paula Fellingham, Women’s Information Network; Berny Dohrmann, CEOSpace Inc.;
Lt. Col. “Waldo” Waldman, Never Fly Solo; Jim Cathcart, Relationship Selling; Greg S. Reid, Napoleon Hill’s Road to Riches
and many more…

Read the following message from Darrell A.S.A.P.!

Print this PageTurn off the phone, lock the door and prepare to spend the next few minutes poring over this letter word for word. In fact, you may even want to print this letter out so that you can make notes as you read it.
Darrell GurneyFrom the Desk of: Darrell W. Gurney, Long Beach, CA, USA
Subject: Land in a Career You Love…WITHOUT Looking for One!

If you’re not jumping out of bed every morning excited to be doing work you love then…WHY AREN’T YOU?

My name is Darrell Gurney and you may not know me.

However, thousands of job seekers and career changers know me because of my unique approach to career transition, an approach that puts traditional job search methods to shame and can actually get you paid for doing what you love!

Maybe you’ve heard it all before—“Do what you love and the money will follow!”—but, honestly, right now you may just need a job and the “loving what you do” can wait.

I’m here to tell you that if you need to make a career shift, you might as well land in something joyful…and it is completely possible to do so!

AND there ARE ways to bypass the throngs of lemming job seekers doing job search the same old way they always have.

A Personal Story

30 years ago, I landed in Southern California and didn’t personally know a soul. I arrived with a business degree and a teeny bit of work experience under my belt…as well as a Chevy Citation driven all the way from southeast Texas.

I had only two referrals in hand, both from a girl I met for 5 minutes in a pub overseas. One was to a guy with a room to share in his Irvine condo, and the other was to a contractor who built restaurants.

Though degreed for professional work, I just needed any job to get my footing, so was thankful for a place to live and getting hooked up by the contractor to a tile warehouse where I ran a forklift. I worked my day job while I strategized into my dream job.

Moving out to California initially to pursue acting, I thought it would be great to have a day job as a “suit” in the studios while pursuing acting in off hours. But I found out I wasn’t the only one who wanted a professional job in entertainment. To be noticed, I knew I had to do something different.

So, at the ripe age of 24, I contacted a professional career coaching firm and learned and developed what I now call The Stealth Method™ of career transition.

Within 2 months, I met personally with the Chief Financial Officers of LA’s top 7 entertainment studios—in their private offices—and was offered a position in the International Theatrical Distribution division of MGM/United Artists without ever once meeting with HR!

How many times have you wanted to bypass Human Resources?

Funny enough, months later, after realizing I wasn’t cut out for a numbers job, I used the same method and connections I had developed during this first “backdoor campaign” to transition into the careers business, where I’ve helped people make successful career transitions ever since.

So What Does This Have to Do With You?

Actually, a lot! Read on:

Are you tired of doing job search the same old way? Are you exhausted from pounding the pavement and getting no results? Are you sick of getting waylaid by HR? Are you so totally resigned by the current economy that you will take anything, even if it’s way below you?

Or maybe you’re ready to go at it on your own, become an entrepreneur, and leave the corporate world behind? Have you felt for years that you should be carving out your own niche, consultancy, or company but have been stymied by fear?

Whether it’s landing a great job doing what you love or setting up your own business and forgetting the corporate ladder altogether, this is your opportunity to take charge of your own career management for life!

In the upcoming 8-Week Stealth Career Transformation Program, I’m going to spill the beans on everything I’ve learned over the past 30 years about effective career transition, as both an award-winning headhunter and author, a highly paid career coach, and now an inspiring reality show producer.

I will only be selecting a few who are serious about dropping old ways of career change AND COMMITTED TO PERCEIVING THEMSELVES DIFFERENTLY so as to fully understand and be able to promote their greatness.

I’ll be teaching the same methods that I’ve taught privately to clients who have invested over $8,000 each to work with me—people who have made successful and fulfilling career changes EVEN IN RECESSIONS—and I’ll be doing it for pennies on the dollar.

In fact, I’m going to walk you through a program that will not only get you quicker into your next job (or your own business) but will give you a plan for Lifetime Career Management that you’ll use from now on. I am offering all this while saving you an enormous amount of time and money. Remember: Every day you’re not working in a job you love, it’s costing you dearly! Someone earning $50K/year loses $1K per week not working! Double, triple or quadruple that, depending on your salary level, and each week not working adds up to $2K, $3K or even $4K in lost revenue! Maybe financially, maybe emotionally, but you’re paying a price, for sure, for every moment you’re not landed and happy.

Backdoor Job SearchNever Apply for a Job Again elaborates on a secret I’ve preached for years: in a job search, the best way to get to work is to network. Darrell Gurney will help you open the back door to your next career move.” —Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive
Headhunters Revealed Darrell’s first book won the 2001 Clarion Award for Best Book from The Association for Women in Communication.
Publisher's Weekly “Headhunters Revealed” may be the only first-time author/self-published book to be reviewed in the publishing industry’s foremost authority, Publishers Weekly (May, 2000).
Sharing Ideas Darrell was featured in and highlighted on the cover of the prestigious Sharing Ideas Magazine, Walters International (May, 2002).
Publishing Success Darrell was featured as one of 18 successful self- and e-publishers in Publishing Success Magazine, a publication of Writers Digest (May 2001).

Mark Victor Hansen and Darrell Gurney

Darrell’s book was endorsed
by America’s Ambassador
of Possibility, Mark Victor
Hansen, of Chicken Soup
for the Soul fame.

Les Brown and Darrell Gurney

Darrell has participated in
programs with Master Motivator
Les Brown spanning from
Irvine to Vegas to Rome.

Yolanda King and Darrell Gurney

Darrell joined in spiritual
and personal development
programs with the late
Yolanda King, daughter of
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cal State Fulerton SeminarCareer SeminarLA Times Career ExpoLearning Annex Seminar

Thousands of aspiring, beginning
and experienced career professionals from the US and Canada have attended Darrell’s talks, workshops, and webinars, from college seniors and MBA students at top-tier universities to 6-figure, C-level executives in some of the worlds largest professional organizations.  We expect more in the upcoming 8-Week Webinar – which is a GREAT networking opportunity for you!

Kimberly Pease

Listen to Kim
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Kimberly Pease, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is Co-Founder and Vice President of Citadel Information Group.

“I am now known in my circles as ‘The Networking Queen!’”

“I moved to LA in 2001, right after 9/11. The recruiting industry was really hurting. I had been a Chief Information Officer (head computer nerd) at a privately owned company on the East coast. I came out to LA, didn’t know what I wanted to do, and hadn’t filled out a resume in years. I found Darrell in a book, called him up, and we met. I was instantly impressed energy-wise and direction-wise. My job was to find a job!

I am now known in my circles as ‘The Networking Queen’…and it all started with Darrell Gurney! I knew absolutely no one. I put myself out there, I worked with Darrell, and I went on a “career campaign.” He opened up an amazing door for me in LA and I am now starting my fifth year in a business that I co-founded with a partner I met…through networking!”

Ram Prasad

Listen to Ram
(Click the arrow/play button)

Ram Prasad is Vice President of Operations and Acting CFO of Purfresh, Inc.

“Probably the best dollars that I ever spent!”

“I took your program about 3 years ago and, I have to tell you, it’s probably the best thing that I did back then. You know, I always wondered why people seemed to get jobs and I have to look so hard …especially when you wonder ‘Geez! These guys aren’t that great, and I work so hard and I’m so great, and how come I never get a job and others do?’

But I think the thing I realized, and realized through your program very well, was that you have to have the contacts, the connections.  It’s the network that finds you the jobs. It’s the network that keeps you employed. So, going through your process of understanding who I am, what my strengths are, what my weaknesses are, and being able to channel that and market that, and go through the process of building a network—that part was awesome, and probably the best dollars that I ever spent!

What I tell everyone else that I meet: “You know, this is a program that you must go through.” Especially if they’re at the crossroads of their career, they’re trying to figure out what they want to do. Then this is the way to sort of re-discover themself, look at their network, look at the opportunities, see what they really want to do, and then build a network of people across various domains in order to help find that job.

So, I think this is what I would recommend to everyone to look through if they haven’t already. This is a great way to learn how to build that network that will keep you employed for the rest of your life!”

You may be thinking,

“Okay Darrell. This sounds really good, but what makes
this program any better than what I can read in a
career book or learn in a 3-hour job search workshop?”

My response is:


But, frankly, I didn’t start leading these courses knowing exactly what I was doing that made it different…but, based on the results, I really wanted to! All I did know, having stepped out of headhunting and into career coaching, was that my clients consistently got results.

And not just the kind of results that had them feel, “OK, well at least I got something out of what I paid.” No! Real Results that had folks sending in letters, emails, and testimonials as to how much a difference this program had made for them.  Some even created so much energy and activity around their search through participating in the course that they landed opportunities even BEFORE the course was over!

And, get this: these clients noticed vast differences, not just in their career direction, but it apparently impacted their entire life. So many clients started calling it “transformational” that I changed the name from 8-Week Career Transition Program to 8-Week Career Transformation Program!

But listen to them, not me (Click). It was actually my own listening to them that had me begin to pull together, as best I could sort out, why this program consistently works. Here’s my best guess to date:

  • Results Oriented—Folks, I came from a sales background. That is, at its heart, what headhunting is! Of course, it’s about connecting the right people with each other, yet the ability to promote is key to success. The ability to promote is also key to success in an effective career transition. To get the most buck for your talent bang, you must get past the discomfort of effective self-promotion! We all grew up with a cultural stigma against tooting your own horn or beating your own drum. But if you aren’t going to provide that for yourself, who will? You may say “I’ll get a headhunter to promote me!” In strong economies, that may work, but have you noticed there aren’t a lot of shouts coming from headhunters these days? Plus, you’ll never be personally in charge of your own job security but, rather, dependent on someone else. I moved from headhunting to coaching years ago specifically because I wanted to teach people how to fish rather than give them a fish…leaving them in charge of their own destiny rather than always waiting for someone to call. However, it’s that driven, headhunter background that has me infuse so much of a results-orientation into this program. Usually, folks with my background don’t come into the “counseling” domain — a completely different personality type. Yet, perhaps it’s the marriage of the two that has this program produce results rather than softly-sweet, namby-pamby theory. At the core of this program, you will learn to promote yourself effectively.
  • Personal Branding—This has to be one of the hardest things to learn from a book! And, having taught programs for the top corporate outplacement firms, I can tell you that even the top executive outplacement packages don’t include this training! How would you like to know yourself and what you bring to work/life better than ever before? Whether you are a CEO or a CEO’s Assistant, whether you are a Director of Operations or the Switchboard Operator, your ability to stand out from the crowd is based on effective personal branding. And that doesn’t mean some kitschy phrase that you just make up on the spot. We’ve all heard those throat gaggers. Effective personal branding means truly understanding who you are at your core — the unique “essence” that you carry with you to everything you touch. It is that depth of understanding — and the honoring and respecting of those gifts — that allows you to overcome the hurdles of learning to promote yourself effectively. Once you are clear on the unique and incredible value that you bring to the world, it will make you sick to see that value go untapped. Not just for selfish reasons, but for the sake of those gifts serving the world as they were meant to, you’ll get over yourself so that you can get over (to others) your SELF! Down and dirty: if you have a light to shine that is being hidden under a bushel (because you’re “afraid”), then you’re cheating the world. Sorry to be blunt…but that’s the God’s honest truth! It’s your responsibility to make sure the world gets the best you came here to give…nobody else’s!
  • Completely Research Based—For those still concerned about self promotion, this should make you jump for joy, because this program will get you into a fulfilling job, career, or new business specifically without it being about needing a job, career, or new business. In other words, you’ll learn my Principle #1: The Best Way to Get a Job (or business) is Don’t Be Looking for One! How would you like your next career move to be one of the most fun explorations you’ve ever experienced? What makes this process so fun and exciting is that it’s about connecting with tons of people in your areas of passionate interest without ever saying (or implying) that you need a job! No, this isn’t training you in clever deception. However, it’s about shifting your paradigm: switching your focus from your desperate need for a job—which has people run for the hills—toward simply gaining information, input, and advice about what really interests you. How many times do you wish you had had more information before taking a career path you took? Never again are you blindly spinning your wheels, trying to get jobs in areas that don’t excite you through Everyman, front-door ways, only to once again be caught with your pants down based on something you didn’t know. People respond to authentic enthusiasm — and even open doors based on that authentic enthusiasm. But you never create those relationships if you’re simply pounding on people to give you a job! You may have heard of “informational interviewing.” This is not that! That term sends people running for the hills just as much as outright asking for a job. However, as a several-generations descendent of that basic idea (absent the grey hair and crooked walk of its caveman predecessor), this method has you literally land opportunities faster without ever saying you need a job!

Those are just a few reasons that this program is uniquely different from other career transition programs out there. No doubt there are more reasons…and you’ll let me know them when you participate!


Listen to K.F.
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K.F. is President of a confidential hi-tech start-up in Southern California.

“Instead of a job, I got my own company…”

“I’m a technology guy, electronics and engineering background with an MBA on top of it. I had started a technology company in the 70s and was leaving that after 20-something years. I didn’t know what I wanted to do next or where I wanted to go next. I sent out a few resumes—the things you do in the traditional scheme of things—and got nowhere fast. I ran across Darrell at a seminar and thought, what the heck!

It was a completely different process for me, something I had no idea that this kind of stuff existed. I did my homework—once I pay for something, I do it!—and dove into the process. I was pretty shy about it at first, not exactly a social butterfly. When I felt dejected and rejected, Darrell is a good coach and kept me going. Soon the process just took off by itself and I had a tiger by the tail! I ended up finding people and jobs and industries that I had no idea were out there. It was an extremely worthwhile process for me. Instead of a job, I got my own company AND a job, and I’ve been doing that ever since!”

Janet Petroff

Listen to Janet
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Janet Petroff is a Former VP of Human Resources and Founder of Petroff Consulting Group.

“That contract more than paid for Darrell’s fees!”

“I met Darrell soon after I was laid off of my job of almost 13 years. I wasn’t sure where to begin even though I had been in HR for more than 16. Think of the old adage: a lawyer that represents herself has a fool for a client. Although I was given, and took, the opportunity to form a consulting practice around my previous employer, I wasn’t sure about its feasibility and wanted to keep all options open. However, I had become somewhat complacent in my old job and hadn’t updated my resume or spent any time networking or volunteering or joining professional organizations. Raising my children and obtaining my MBA were higher priorities!

I had no idea where to look outside the normal channels, or how to market myself as an employee or a consultant. When I began meeting with Darrell, the thought was to update my resume and learn how to open up opportunities. What resulted from the meeting, however, was confidence building and courage. I was no longer hesitant to ask for a raise I thought I deserved based on my skills and abilities, knowledge and expertise…and when it came time to negotiate my next contract with my previous employer, I received the rate I wanted. That contract more than paid for Darrell’s fees!

I highly recommend working with Darrell because you don’t just learn a set of tactical skills—you learn how to differentiate yourself in a very busy and crowded world.”

What Do All These Terms Mean?


What is an “8-Week Career Transformation Program?”

I took the same one-on-one career transition process that organizations and individuals have invested over $8,000 for me to deliver to a single displaced executive and customized it for a group webinar class. Not only have participants in these group classes benefited from the same process as my individual work, but the dynamics of working with a team makes the whole experience incredibly fulfilling…and fun!

What does “back-door” mean?

There’s a “front-door” way of making a job change, and it’s what 95% of people do…only because they’re not aware of the power of the back-door, which is less about titles and resumes and “needing a job” and much more about the art and science of masterful relationship management. Suffice to say that, through the front door, you have to fit a formula. Through the “back-door,” the formulas don’t apply.

What does “transformation” mean?

As stated above, that word used to be “transition” — which is the overall objective of the course. Transition means nothing other than change: changing your employment situation from unemployed to employed, from one company to another, from one industry to another, from one job function to another, from one self-employment to another, or just deciding it’s time to go out and really expand the business you already have.

However, over the years so many clients have acknowledged the impact of this program on their life overall that the term “transformation” was substituted for transition…which covers transition but includes so much more!

To “transform” means to operate from a completely different paradigm. For some, that means at one time they were shy, reserved and disconnected but now they are sociable, forthright, and networked. For others, that means they were fearfully tied to a company paycheck but now they courageously create their own paycheck. No two transformations are exactly the same.  What will yours be?

What is a “webinar?”

If you haven’t already, you’ll see more and more programs taught these days via the ease and flexibility of the internet. In a webinar format, all participants have the ability to see the instructor and each other (with a simple webcam) as well as follow along in the group presentation and exercises.

Live on the phone (only regular long-distance charges apply) and real-time via the web, this format allows you to participate with the power of a group behind you yet your comfy slippers beneath you.

How Does it Work?

People have worked with me one-on-one for years to equip themselves to pursue an effective back-door career campaign. In this program, you get the same coaching I’ve done for years, but with the power of TEAM behind you! The added benefit I’ve seen is that tapping into the energy of group dynamics and team networking often creates even more extraordinary results. That must be why it’s called Team: Together Everyone Achieves More!

Just like my one-on-one programs, this 8-Week Webinar offers a series of sessions with the following benefits:

You will discover…

  • The unique essence you bring to every organization and situation you touch. Through an in-depth “career inventory,” you will see from a macro perspective your personal patterns of success. This is an extremely self-esteem building process where you will understand your “threads” of success, the arc or through-line that permeates your background. This will enable you to develop your unique marketing approach and personal “brand” for career expansion efforts…whether it be for a new corporate position or to create/expand your own business.
  • How to package your uniqueness in written and spoken form. Critical to standing out in the market is your ability to distinguish yourself from others…because there are many people who have your background, but not one of them does things just the way you do. So, having a unique resume and/or marketing materials as well as a concise, consistent, compelling and charismatic spoken “pitch” that clearly distinguishes you from others gets you noticed from the competition.
  • Who, Where, and How to target the people and organizations you should connect with. Using the Backdoor Method™ of relationship building, the world literally becomes your “oyster.” Armed with the confidence of what you bring to the table, you are able to target the people, fields, and organizations to best “research” for career opportunities.
  • The Stealth Method™ of career management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50-80% of people get their opportunities based on referrals from friends or relatives. If you cannot increase your relatives by re-marrying or getting adopted, you can always increase your friends! Making the most out of your current relationships by being more effective and “branded” in your networking is an overlooked goldmine. However, even beyond that, the power to create new relationships not based on need or desperation creates an endless resource for lifetime career management. How to write approach letters that result in meetings, and how to turn those meetings into information, relationships, and referrals are critical skills to effectively tapping into “the hidden job market” or other private opportunities.

Therefore, the promise of the 8-Week Career Transformation Program is the same as the individual coaching I’ve done for years — to equip each participant with the tools and understanding to pursue an effective back-door career campaign to land your dream job doing what you love!  (You also end up with a Lifetime Career Management system to boot!)

Register Now!

An IMMEDIATE Success Story!

One participant in a recent class, following The Stealth Method,™ sent out a carefully designed “approach” letter to a former supervisor who then referred her to someone else. She immediately phone interviewed with a company in Tampa, within days was flown out for a company visit, and within days after that received an offer!  All within a week of finishing the class!

Claudia Tambur

Listen to Claudia
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Claudia Tambur, is a Regional Account Manager for Medical Services Company.

“Negotiated the best offer I had ever received!”

“What opened up for me out of the group class was a couple things. First, getting into the structure of the class was helpful for me because I had relocated to Southern California and I didn’t believe that I had any contacts. So, with just the discipline and structure and encouragement about developing a “career tribe” and pursuing that, I ended up developing contacts fairly quickly. Before the class was over, I interviewed with a corporate office in Florida and got a job offer while still in class!

What was really great in working with Darrell was realizing the value I bring to prospects and situations. Being in a situation where I felt I wanted to get a job as soon as possible—but didn’t want to take the ‘wrong’ job—I was able to see that that particular offer didn’t suit me and I was able to pass it by. Subsequently, when the ‘right’ position came along, Darrell was GREAT in helping me negotiate the best offer I had ever received. It was awesome!”

Frank Wanderski

Listen to Frank
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Frank Wanderski is a Director of Marketing in the Energy Industry.

“Got me five or six interviews with Presidents of companies…”

“I am a Chief Marketing Officer for a company in Dallas, and I met Darrell through 6FigureJobs, and it was the best connection I ever made in terms of career development! I am known as “The Joe Montana of Marketing,” and I can tell you that just that one phrase has gotten me five or six interviews with Presidents of companies…and that’s not an exaggeration.

Darrell is great because the Backdoor Method™ is so superior to the way I was doing things. It’s an amazing process! I got my job through the backdoor, through a friend of a friend.

Something really neat about Darrell is he would always pump you up. I would highly encourage you to stay with him.  He really does know what he’s talking about! I appreciate everything Darrell has done for me.”

The Details:

The course begins with an introductory/orientation teleseminar on Friday, March 30, 5pm PST/8pm EST. This is an opportunity for all participants to get acquainted, to finalize homeplay (vs. homework) to be completed before Session 1 (the next week), and to establish course guidelines.

After the Orientation on March 30, Session 1 takes place on the following Tuesday, April 3, at 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST, and will continue for subsequent Tuesday evenings until May 22. There will be a two-week break between Sessions 6 and 7 (no session on May 15).

Course Schedule:

Session 1 Tuesday, Apr.   3

Session 2 Tuesday, Apr. 10

Session 3 Tuesday, Apr. 17

Session 4 Tuesday, Apr. 24

Session 5 Tuesday, May   1

Session 6 Tuesday, May  8

Session 7 Tuesday, May 22

All Sessions Start Promptly at 4:30PST/7:30EST
and Last Approximately 3 Hours (with a mid-point break)

The course is conducted in 7 sessions over 8 weeks. Class sessions are up to 3 hours, with anywhere from 6-8 hours of homeplay between sessions. The homeplay is exactly what folks complete in individual, one-on-one programs…yet, in the webinar setting, you have the benefits of buddy and team support that you don’t get in those individual programs.

Specific and detailed homeplay is to be completed in the week before Session 1 which establishes the foundation for our work together. To produce the results you and I are committed to, you will put in more play outside of class than you do during the actual sessions. Therefore, plan out your schedule to allow for that time so that you realize the full benefit of the course. With the group dynamics of the program and the active use of the “buddy” system, the homeplay will be insightful and enjoyable, with another person’s mind and eyes at your disposal (your buddy).

By the way, did you know that statistics show that a person will generally find their next opportunity 30% faster when using a buddy?

Though it is highly encouraged to attend every session and complete all homeplay between every session, all sessions will be recorded for playback and review of participants, and to supplement a home-study information product.  All precautions to protect the confidentiality of participants will be ensured and participants will be given full and final right to approve any ultimate recordings used in products developed. All participants will receive their own copies of session recordings if requested.

Dawn Muroff

Listen to Dawn
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Dawn Muroff is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Los Angeles Chapter of the ALS Society.

“One of the most incredible journeys that I’ve gone on!”

“I’m the coordinator of a program called OASIS, which is a national non-profit. It’s an educational and volunteer program for adults over 50. What I’ve told a lot of my friends when they’ve been looking for jobs or changing careers is about my experience with Darrell—one of the most incredible journeys that I’ve gone on!

You can talk to friends and colleagues, but NOBODY is going to sit with you for so many hours and delve into every little corner of your life and help you to pull out what you’re most passionate about, what your skills are, and how and where you’ve used them so that, ultimately, it becomes so natural when you’re conveying to somebody why you think you’re the perfect person for the job.

We used to joke, when I met with Darrell, that I had all these different interests and it was VERY HIGH HOPES that I could ever find a job that included all of these interests. When friends, colleagues, and associates knew what I was looking for by hearing my pitch, a former supervisor saw this position come across her computer and called me.

The cover letter that Darrell taught me to write up: the person was BLOWN AWAY when it got faxed to her! Just knowing deep in my soul that I had spent a great deal of time thinking about who I am, what I want to do and what I’m best at made the difference.”

Peter Thompson

Listen to Peter
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Peter Thompson is Chief Consultant and CEO of Streamlined Strategies.

“I’m an Engineer!  I’m NOT good at meeting people!”

“I met Darrell about 3 years ago and he took me through the backdoor process. I completed 52 backdoor interviews. Now, if you know my background, that was quite an achievement because I’m an engineer! I’m NOT good at meeting people. I’m NOT a good networker. I’m very happy staying in my tech environment, not necessarily interacting with anyone. So, to go out and meet 52 people—some of whom I didn’t know—and do an interview was quite an achievement!

One of those interviews changed my life. I actually talked to a consultant and I ended up setting up a consulting business, and 3 to 3½ years later, that is one of the best things I could ever have done. I would never have realized it if I hadn’t talked to that one person who gave me the idea. I also got 2 consulting jobs from the interviews. They were people I had actually interviewed and kept in touch with.

A few of the things the backdoor process gave me: it spurred me on, it gave me a lot of confidence, and it gave me excitement when I met someone or saw something and said “Whoo…there’s an opportunity!” Instead of sitting at home on the computer trying to beat up Monster.com into finding an exciting job on the screen, I was actually there: I was actually in a company, looking at something that could be a potential.

I recently moved from California to Blacksburg, VA, and I’m starting up the backdoor process again! It gives me great confidence to build the consulting business I had out in California in a completely different part of the world.”

I invite you to join us in this exciting program to make the most career expansion bang for your buck in 2018 and the hot Spring hiring season! You can get the same coaching on effective career management that others have invested in themselves for over $8,000 for only $2,597. This is the investment others have made in this 8-Week Career Transformation Program…

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What? That’s crazy! Add it up: You will get the very same career transition education as others who have invested over 5 times that amount, yet you’ll have the bonus benefit of group interaction and support!

That is an 80% discount from what others have invested in this kind of coaching, and a 40% discount from the standard tuition of this group program! But read below for even more valuable Bonuses that make your savings add up even more!



Register Now!

Because I’m so certain that this course will explode your career options in the new year, I am going to include several bonuses to make it overly worth your while:

  • BONUS #1: Career Review Discount (Value $50): For all new clients who ultimately register for this course, I am offering a $50 discount on a 90-minute Career Review Strategy Session (regularly $297) to take place before the course begins. This is how I begin my relationship with all new career coaching clients and will give us an opportunity to determine the areas you would like to develop and expand upon in the course. At the conclusion of the session, I will personally walk you through written summary of What’s Working, What Needs Attention, and What Next Steps need to be considered in your career. This session alone generates enormous insights for clients and is an incredible stand-alone value at the regular price even if you can’t take the course!

What Folks Have Said Specifically About the Career
Review Session:

“My initial 1 1/2 hours with Darrell was the best return on investment I’ve had in quite some time.  After speaking with me for a short period and asking an occassional clarifying question, Darrell was able to shed light on why certain things resonate/work for me in my work life and why certain aspects leave me with a vague sense of discontent.  I was able to see clearly what my primary drivers are and extrapolate to what might work/not work for me in the future…and, more importantly, what I find most satisfying.  I would describe the process as bringing things I was already somewhat aware of into sharp focus.”

—Luanda G., Harvard MD and Clinic Director

“I just went through the Career Review Session with Darrell and I am very impressed. He is very professional and has an extraordinary analysis and synthesis capacity. In only 90 minutes he came up with an extremely accurate description. Most of the things he brought up I honestly would not have been capable of realizing myself. His approach gave me a fresh perspective of my professional career and the opportunity to redirect my job search into a campaign which highlights my natural talents that ultimately will differentiate me from the rest and will land a job that inspires and fulfills my vision.”

—Eugenio L., CFO and International Finance Manager

“I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about how someone can gather information about you in 70 minutes and then provide you w/a written summary in 20 minutes. Darrell quickly cleared my skepticism after I began to read his summary from my Career Review session. His analysis/assessment was mind blowing for me because he was able to ‘very eloquently’ articulate my strengths, which confirmed what I had been sharing with others about myself. After the session, I felt empowered, confident, and yet a little scared, which caused me to think about this quote ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us’ (Marianne Williamson). However, the light revealed by Darrell and the next steps he provided will be my motivators and driving forces to fulfill my passions and vocation. What an AWESOME experience!”

—Monica M., HR Professional

I got a lot of personal value from my session with Darrell. He reminded me of what is closer to my heart, my passion to bring value to all I interact with. In addition he discovered for me new areas to explore and manifest in my work. His uncanny capabilities to quickly get to the essence, the core of what is important and to frame it in a way that makes sense and inspire are fantastic. I am very happy to have had this experience. I am looking forward to expand professionally and personally in new, very valuable ways.

—Stella E., PhD, Global Talent & Leadership VP

“The Career Review that I received was priceless! Darrell informed me of my strengths and the areas that I need to improve on. This has helped to build my confidence when speaking with future employers. I have also learned how important networking is in order to have a successful back-door approach.”

—Andrea J., Account Executive

“Insightful, positive, and motivating Darrell was able to extract with razor sharp precision, the core essence of my unique value to employers. These revealing observations about my successful personal characteristics gave me tremendous confidence during a recent interview. It awakened critical awareness about my marketability, my deepest desires and goals, and how I can go about attaining them. From this, I feel very enthusiastic about 2010 and what it will bring for me. Darrell is a fabulous coach and motivator!”

—Jeanne C., Senior VP Marketing

“I appreciate the time you took to do a Career Review with me. You helped clarify and summarize those qualities and skills that have supported my professional success, as well as outlined a process I can use to direct those skills to more closely reflect my own priorities and values, so I can have a larger impact going forward. Nice work!”

—Bob O., Director of Security

It wasn’t the type of interview I immediately thought it was. We covered so much in so little time. During the break I began rethinking all of my responses. I thought I could have elaborated more and that the responses were repetitive and a bit shallow. I also thought to myself that Darrell probably has a canned write up he uses in order to get done so fast. Within twenty or so minutes Darrell sent a write up summary of our review session. As I glanced through, I couldn’t believe how personalized it was. It was clearly not a canned response. His way of extrapolating information and finding the unique themes is amazing. The summary highlighted many key points that I could have never relayed about my career personality and accomplishments. It set the stage to energize me in branding myself in a unique powerful way with defined next steps to help me begin the process.

—Danette S., Director, Govt Relations & Program Management

“It was good to talk to you today. I really like your approach of doing your own research. You also worked my strengths out. I am thinking right now of how I can initiate a backdoor campaign. Thanks!”

—Martin M., General Manager/Mining Engineer


  • BONUS #2: Early-Bird Discount (Value $800): Register by Midnight on Sunday, March 18, 2018, and get an extra $800 off with everything else below…because you took decisive action fast! That takes $2597 down to only $1797 (HALF OFF!)…for a coaching program others have invested in for over $8000!
  • BONUS #3: Ongoing Support (Value $600): Included in the tuition will be 1 month of follow-up Group Weekly Planning & Polishing Sessions to support the ongoing refinement of principles learned in the course as well as to provide an environment of team support. These sessions are led by me at a set time each week to ensure that you use what you’ve learned. In a supportive group environment, you not only hear the breakthroughs and progress being made by others by using this method, but you are held accountable for producing results for yourself through making weekly activity promises. Anybody can take a course or read a book…but where the rubber meets the road is in the results you produce! If you haven’t noticed, I collect testimonials…so I am committed to seeing results from you!
  • BONUS #4: Award-Winning Book (Value $15): I will include a copy of my award-winning book, Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters. This book exposes the insides of recruiting so individuals can reap the most rewards from this valuable avenue of job change. Recruiters are a front-door method of transition, but can supplement your own backdoor efforts if used wisely. Written by me after 14 years as a headhunter, it gives the scoop (and poop) on executive search and provides lifetime tips for commanding the attention and career partnership of professional recruiters. “Headhunters Revealed!” won the “Clarion” Best Book Award from the Association for Women in Communications. Top careers professionals, Publishers Weekly, and the American Library Association agree: Headhunters Revealed! is “A welcome resource”–a must read for your personal career development library.

Winner of the Clarion Award for Best Book
from the Association for Women in Communications

“Darrell W. Gurney’s friendly and concise Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets™ for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters is a welcome resource. With helpful checklists and bulleted summaries, Gurney explains in upbeat, chummy prose all there is to know about the recruitment process.”—Publishers Weekly

“Headhunters Revealed unlocks the secrets of finding a professional recruiter. Save yourself all the hassle of getting stuck with the wrong representation. Even if you aren’t in the midst of making a career change, it’s never too early to read this book.”
—Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times Best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, including Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

“Executive Recruiters hold the key to the hidden job market. This straight-forward book shows you how to make this resource work for you.”
Wayne Cooper, CEO, Kennedy Information, publisher of The Directory of Executive Recruiters

“Headhunters Revealed is an excellent and much needed guide to tracking down and working successfully with recruiters when you are looking for new opportunities.  Everyone tells you to connect with these professionals, but only Darrell tells you how.”
—Margaret Riley Dikel, author of The Riley Guide and co-author, The Guide to Internet Job Searching

“Darrell’s expansive knowledge of the job search arena enables him to reach both the novice and experienced job seeker. The examples and illustrations are ‘on target’ with accepted career strategies. This book is a must read for unhappily employed and unemployed professionals at all levels.”Howard Pardue, Fortune 500 HR Director and former Vice President/Managing Director of Right Management Consultants

  • BONUS #5: Attitude Management (Value $15): Because I believe managing your “energy” in your career search is so important (more mental than physical), I will also include a copy of a phenomenal book that has made a difference in thousands of lives, Law of Attraction. Besides your career transition actions—the WHAT YOU DO—what is just as important is WHO YOU BE. How you come across affects what comes across to you. This book has given many clients tangible tools for ongoing management of their mind so as to attract the situations and results they want.

  • BONUS #6: Method Management (Value $15): For years, folks asked me to write a book detailing the Stealth Method™ that I used personally and have taught for years. This bestselling book, Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest, was released in 2012 and details it all in a helpful, paint-by-numbers, easy-to-follow way.

Lauded by experts in the careers world, it has been endorsed by bestselling authors Harvey Mackay, T. Harv Eker, Keith Ferrazzi and Dr. Ivan Misner and more:

“Never Apply for a Job Again elaborates on a secret I’ve preached for years: in a job search, the best way to get to work is to network. Darrell Gurney will help you open the back door to your next career move.”
—Harvey Mackay, author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

“Whether it’s building wealth through a job or your own business, Darrell Gurney shares how to connect with people through whom that abundance will flow.”
—T. Harv Eker, Author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“Never Apply for a Job applies the basic truth of my own philosophy to your job search: relationships are the key.  Whether it’s a job, a career change, or even an entrepreneurial venture, it’s the people who make anything possible for you.  Anything!”
—Keith Ferrazzi, co-author of the Bestselling Never Eat Alone

“Where there’s a way there’s a will.  Most people don’t lack the will to network, they lack the way. Once people find a way that makes sense, feels right and is doable even by those who are a tad network challenged, they’ll jump on it in a heartbeat.  That is exactly what you should do with Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest.  Don’t leave home without it.”
Mark Goulston, author of the International Bestselling “Just Listen” Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

“Never Apply for a Job Again applies tribal dynamics to communicate and get known.  Future corporate leaders must have the ability to put ‘career tribes’ in place and start building teams even before they’re hired.  This book shows you how.”
—Dave Logan, New York Times #1 bestselling coauthor of Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance


Yes, that means you get the full 8-week course and $1,495 in bonuses for only $1797 if you are one of the early-bird first to reserve your spot before the course fills up! But wait…here’s even MORE incentive to register NOW!


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One 8-week program had 2/3 of participants settled in new opportunities before we even reached Session #4!

Add it up one more time: Full 8-Week Course and $1,495 in Bonuses for only $1797 now and $300 back to you before Summer if you act fast and simply keep your word to yourself to complete it like a rockstar!

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RISK-FREE 100% Money-Back Guarantee:
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Money-Back Guarantee

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There is Nothing You Can Do Better for Yourself Than
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Joyce Sand

Listen to Joyce
(Click the arrow/play button)

Joyce Sand is a Marketing Professional recently
relocated to Florida.

“A continuously positive and empowering force in my life!”

“Prior to my recent move to South Florida from Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of working with Darrell Gurney one on one. I am confident that his advice and counsel will serve me well when I initiate my job search. My starting point will be to utilize the backdoor strategy that Darrell emphasizes. This will enrich my knowledge of the professional opportunities here in Boca Raton and will expand my networking contacts…which right now are next to nothing. Zilch!
In addition to the technique that Darrell provides, he’s committed to keeping his relationship with you moving forward. He is genuinely interested in your progress, now and forever.

We all know that a job search can get us down. I was one step away from tears some of the time. But Darrell’s energy and optimism kept me on task and looking forward to the excitement and networking possibilities of my job search.

His optimism is illustrated as follows: Darrell sent me a communication signed “P, B, & J.” Coming out of the consumer products industry, I assumed it meant “Peanut Butter & Jelly,” which clearly had nothing to do with my job search. Darrell solved the mystery when he explained that it meant “Peace, Blessings, and Joy.” This is Darrell, a continuously positive and empowering force in my life.”

Pat Maloney

Listen to Pat
(Click the arrow/play button)

Pat Moloney is Vice President and Director of Production for ProActive, Inc.

“A social network before social networking started!”

I worked with Darrell a few years back and, first of all, he was really able to get to the heart of the matter with me quickly about what kind of work I really wanted to do and how to pursue that. It was an organic, back and forth discussion. It didn’t feel formulaic. It felt like something that was at the tip of my fingertips and tip of my mind the whole time, but he showed me how to get there. And I’ve continued to use what I learned from him—it’s been probably five years now—and I’ve had a couple job changes, in fact a career change. And that career change has provided many benefits for me and my family financially… and a more satisfying career.

The thing that was great about it was understanding the tools that I came to his office with and how to use them, and the tools and resources well…by using my network of friends, or friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends, or just people I had met somewhere along the line and all those business cards that sit in your pocket or sit on your desktop forever and you never think to make that call. He gave me a plan where I could make that call and connect with those people, and stay connected to those people. It was almost a social network before social networking started!

It’s been a useful tool. I still use it. I think people are willing to give you information, you just have to ask! People are willing to help you, you just have to ask! I think it not only gives you a lot of credit with the people you’re asking, but you also, internally, start to become more confident about your abilities and more confident about your prospects…which, in turn, makes you a better interviewer and a better prospect. So, it’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophesy!

I think the great thing that Darrell does is, organically, you get to that place where you have the confidence and you know that you have the tools to move forward and make a change in your life in a significant way…and the way you do business or even socialize.  I’m grateful for that and I continue to use it and, in fact, I recommend it to my friends.”

Just Consider the Potential Returns on This Investment:

What if you land your next position or contract even one month sooner?

What if you are actually working in a job you love before the end of the sessions?

What if you finally become an entrepreneur and open up your own business… or drastically expand the one you already have?

What if you avoid taking a path along your career search that would take up time and money and land you nowhere?

What if you make even one new connection in your backdoor campaign—much less with participants in the course itself—that offers you insight, information, and/or a relationship that completely alters your career path?

The Cost of Unemployment

Lastly, if you are not working right now, how much do you think it’s costing you to NOT be employed?

The rule of thumb is this: take your last annual salary in tens of thousands, double it, then add a zero and you get the weekly compensation you are NOT receiving!


$50,000 annual salary = 50 X 2 = 100 (add a zero) = $1000 lost weekly

$100,000 annual salary = 100 x 2 = 200 (add a zero) = $2000 lost weekly

Even a salary of $50K turns out to cost you $1000 a week in lost wages! If this course moves you into your next position even a week earlier than would have happened on your own, the program will have paid for itself AND THEN SOME even before the first two weeks on the job are over! You’ll have basically learned where the bathroom and nearest coffee shop is while recouping your investment all at the same time!

And do not forget, job search expenses are deductible to a certain extent
on your tax return. (Ask your accountant.)

Of course, I am always available to offer the more personal guidance of the one-on-one program to anyone interested. Sometimes this individual approach is necessary based on scheduling and the need for more one-on-one attention, and always well worth the investment. But, for those who want to benefit from the education while participating in a more social group setting, this course is ideal…and will never be offered at a better investment amount!

Register Now!

If You’re Still Unsure, Let Me Make it Easy For You…
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Right now, in this moment, forget about investing in the course and simply invest
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It’s the first step in this career transformation process anyway, and the
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Only 90 Minutes Will Give You Tremendous and
Career Altering Insight Into:
1) What’s Working
2) What Needs Attention
3) What Next Steps to Take

After that, you can then decide if going further
into the 8-Week webinar or perhaps a private
program would serve you best! If you choose to
participate in either, your $50 Career
Review Strategy Session Discount will be applied to your session…and you’ll get all the
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So I Say, Put Me to the Test. See What These
Testimonials Are All About!

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Angela Best

Listen to Angela
(Click the arrow/play button)

Angela Best is President of Anahere, Inc., International Tourism Marketing Consultants

“A major turning point in my life!”

“I was introduced to Darrell in 2004 when I happened to mention to a friend of mine that I was a little unsure of where I wanted to go with my career. I had been working with the same company for about 8 years and I couldn’t decide what my next steps were going to be.  My friend told me about Darrell and the work he was doing with people who were looking at career or life changes. I met with Darrell and decided to invest in private tuition. I had no idea what to expect, and I really didn’t know what I hoped to get out of working with him or what results I should look forward to. All I new was that I felt I was at the end of the road and that any advice would be good advice!

So, Darrell actually ended up taking me on a journey of self-discovery. It was a process that helped me really strip away all of my self-doubts and showed me a way to unlock and recognize all of the things that I was good at, both personally and professionally. It was a major turning point in my life!  Up until then, I really had no idea or concept of what it was that I excelled at and what it was that I brought to any career or job. What Darrell did was help me to knock down the blocks that had shaped my life up until that point and reconstruct them in a more meaningful and empowering way. Darrell effectively took me through an intense and extensive process that had me look at all of my strengths and skills in a completely different light. And, I can tell you, at times I felt like giving up…because it was very, very hard for me to go back over my career path and, also, through my personal successes, and actually work out what I was good at, what I offered, what I could bring to any job. Obviously self-esteem wasn’t my strong point.

Much to Darrell’s credit he kept nudging me on!  He was really quite persistent, and it was really Darrell that pulled me through that process. At times I thought it would be easier to walk away and say, “This is not working.” But, as a result of all of that work, I went from thinking that I needed to find another job to realizing I needed to find something for myself! I had thought about being self-employed in the past, but I had lacked the courage and self-esteem to take that any further.

So, as a direct result of my work with Darrell, I actually ended up setting up my own company, Anahere, Inc., a year after that meeting in 2005. That company I’ve grown into a very successful international tourism and marketing company, based in Santa Monica, CA. Most recently I expanded that operation to work with other small or medium size enterprises in any industry. I’ve actually taken it way beyond the niche market of tourism that I had set up to do and I’ve actually expanded it into a broad range of industries. Ultimately we help small and medium size enterprises increase their sales, their turnover, and their profitability.

So, pretty much you can say, working with Darrell was a major turning point in my life. Since then my life journey has really changed. Those meetings with Darrell and, at times, the painful process he took me through enabled me to truly see the strength of my own capabilities. And so, I’ve gone from being totally unsure of my abilities and myself to knowing exactly who I am and what I offer.  And now I wear 3 hats: I’m President of my own company; I’m the CEO of a global web-based company, and a VP of a third company…and they’re all currently in operation!

So, I think that really speaks loudly for Darrell and his work, and really all I can say at this time is, “Thanks Darrell, I owe you!”

If you’ve been thinking of a new or expanded career direction,
there’s no better time than now!

Don’t wait! Register Today!


8-Week Stealth Career Transformation Webinar: $2597
Less: Early-Bird Bonus–Register by 11:59pm March 18: -$800
Plus another $1,795 in bonuses as well as a $300 Integrity Bonus Coming Back to You Before Summer $1797 to Register-$300 Reimbursement
upon full
REGISTER NOW $1497 Total Investment in Your Career Progress

RISK-FREE 100% Money-Back Guarantee:
If after Session #2 you are not satisfied with the program, receive your money back–no questions asked!
(and keep the bonuses)

Money-Back Guarantee

Want a “test drive” of how working with Darrell can get you the results you want?

Schedule a Career Review Session by

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If you choose to participate in the webinar,
your $50 Career Review Strategy Session
discount will be credited to your tuition.

Remember: the Course Begins Shortly,
So Grab One of a Limited Number of
Career Review Strategy Sessions Available Before it’s Too Late!

Interested, but still need to know more? Email me or call me.

What have you got to lose but career accidentalism?

See what clients have to say about this coaching HERE.

To Your Career Success,

Darrell Gurney

There are Limited Career Review Sessions Available Before
the Deadlines,
So Act Fast and Book Yours Now!

P.S. Here’s what a Wall Street executive had to say…

“Darrell is coach, cheerleader, and confidant. Throughout the process, his words have resonated in so many situations that I found myself thinking, “Yes, this works!”

and a V.P. of Sales…

“I can’t tell you how empowered I am by what I am doing: I am at “cause,” not effect. By implementing your method, I am approaching people I never would have approached.”

and a Life Coach…

“Rather than just looking at myself from the ‘personal’ and ‘work’ categories, our work together has allowed me to meld the two aspects into one seamless, holistic individual.”

and a V.P. of Marketing…

“Thanks so much for this program! It really helps when you are in control, versus the other way around.”

and a CIO…

“In working with Darrell, I have gained confidence in my search. He helped fine-tune my objectives and gave me direction. He helped me set realistic goals and also encouraged me along the way. In addition to the traditional job searching methods, Darrell taught me a new way of ‘getting my foot in the door.’ Even though I am new to the area, I have met more business people in the past 8 weeks than I thought possible. I can honestly say I have never had this much fun looking for a job!”

P.P.S. I’d love to talk with you and assure you that you can authentically be one of these testimonials too…as soon as you have the understanding of yourself, branded approach, and proper mindset to create your own perfect work situation.

Schedule a personal Career Review Strategy Session with me, and let’s get the ball rolling together.

Register for a Career
Review  Strategy Session Here!
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