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  • Shouldn't I figure out what I want to do before a career or executive coach can help me?

    That's the type of thinking that keeps us chasing our tail. Einstein said "We can't solve problems from the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." To resort to your own best thinking has you doing only a slightly different version of the same thing...over and over again. To create a breakthrough possibility for your career and life, you have to get outside the box...of yourself. I can be your access to discovery.
  • But what if I need a job right now? I don't have time to dilly dally or ponder my navel.

    OK. I hear you're desperate. But, as Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working for you?" It can often be that default anxiety and desperation that will push more good opportunities away from you than you will attract. The basis of that anxiety is often fear: whether you are "good enough", whether anyone will see your unique value. Here's a tip: they can only see your unique value if you see it yourself! Plus you have to be able to confidently convey it in everything you do...from initial networking to meetings to interviews. I can help you see that value.
  • I'm good at networking already...so what can I gain from you?

    If you have a natural ability to connect with other people, you are closer than most to being able to access anything you want in your career. Most folks walk around like silos and never tap into the huge wealth of connections, knowledge and relationships that surround them. Most think "networking" is going to an event and passing out a lot of cards, or telling all their friends "I lost my job. Let me know if you hear of 'anything'"...as if they are chopped liver ("Anything! I'll take anything!"). If you, however, already have the ability to network effectively--which means getting to know and be known by the people in the know, without wearing your need on your sleeve--then we are closer to the point of taking your career anywhere you want it to go. I can teach you to network beyond what you currently realize is possible.
  • But coaching costs money. How can I afford to have a coach?

    You've probably heard it before, but try to really listen this time: how can you afford not to? First, if you solve a problem or get your next job even a few weeks sooner than you would on your own, that can often be worth far more than the investment in coaching. (A person earning only $100K per year is losing $2K for every week they aren't working!) And, having a coach keeps you on track so you don't spin your wheels and waste time going wrong directions. Time is money...and it adds up. Third, often a coach can have you maximize your return on opportunities that you wouldn't on your own...such as in negotiating your next deal. If you are desperate, you'll sell out. A coach can help you stand strong so as to get your value. The investment of coaching is far more fruitful than the cost of being unaware. I can help you shift your mindset and multiply your investments.

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