Presenting to MBACSC Professionals -

Presenting to MBACSC Professionals

By Darrell Gurney | Blog

Sep 06

Today I was the guest of the MBA Career Services Council(MBACSC) for a membership-only webinar where I outlined not only the time-tested principles of effective networking covered in Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest, but also suggested ways in which these folks who help ensure that these MBAs get jobs can teach these principles to their students.

This was the most highly attended webinar they’ve had all year! And many have registered their students to take part in a series of FREE webinars I’ll be hosting for MBA students from across the country on Sept. 25 & 27. Details for interested schools can be found here.

These Directors of Career Services have a commitment to fulfill on the promise of the MBA by supporting their students to land. The best way to land is to have so many connections before you lower your landing gear that there’s nothing but runway everywhere you turn. The methods in this book help ensure smooth (and quick) landings!

About the Author

DARRELL W. GURNEY, Executive/ Career Coach and 20-year recruiting veteran, supports people at all levels to make fulfilling and profitable career transitions. His first book, Headhunters Revealed! Career Secrets for Choosing and Using Professional Recruiters, was winner of the Clarion Award for Best Book by the Association for Women in Communications and was reviewed in Publishers Weekly. His newest book, Never Apply for a Job Again: Break the Rules, Cut the Line, Beat the Rest, has been endorsed by bestselling thought leaders such as Harvey Mackay, Keith Ferrazzi, and Dr. Ivan Misner. A personal and business brand strategist, Darrell’s Stealth Method of networking has helped folks expand their reach within both careers and new client circles. He speaks, leads workshops, and is a media expert on subjects such as recruiting, networking, and finding one’s passion. He was recently named Networking Expert for and offers webinars and programs that get MBA students and working professionals out, connected, and landed.